Let s swimm....


Looks good, but here are some points:

  1. Camera is moving way too fast. Don’t get a good enough look at everything due to camera speed.

  2. The water and the tiled floor look good, bt there are no textures on anything else. I know this is WIP, but there should be at least something there. Everyhting else is standard Blender grey material.

  3. In final render, maybe have the camera track an empty and have the empty move out over the pool after the camera enters the room with the chairs to show an overall view of the pool area at the end of the animation.

Keep it up and this will be a pretty good piece.




P.S. rack = track :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I fixed that. :wink:


Yes thanks. I am not good in making Textures. Should i learn GIMP or something? How do you make your Textures. I like to model muuuuch but i hate to do Textures. :wink:

This is a 2 second movie… Because of my fake GI, it took 6 hours to render… If i make 4 seconds i will take 12 hours… so first i finish it…


p.s: It s for a 3d contest from my schol. The most use 3dsmax ;-((
her is a proffessional example picture: http://www.3dmax.de/neu/galerie/bilddatenbank/pics/5867.jpg

This is not a picture from a person from my school. Just a inspiration.

Personally I make an almost exclusive use of Blender’s built in textures…


s68, do you have a portfolio?? something to look at?

Ever tried to press that house icon just at the end of each of my posts?

Sends to my home Blender




Stefano’s Website:

Click ‘Images’ to see some of his work. There are good tutorials here as well.

OK, I see, You do not have many selfmade Textures. They are most from Blender or Pictures. Nice.