Let the child go?

Hi all,

I’ve run into a small problem. Basically I’m busy with rigging the hands and fingers of my model and as I wanted all the fingers to be children of the hand, I also want each fingers rotational point to be unique. Three of the fingers are parented to the hand bone and have been successfully re-positioned.

This is necessary when wanting to move the beginning of the finger joint to where the knuckle starts. One of the fingers, however, is still joined to the hand bone from which it was extruded and my question is: Is there a way to separate this finger from the hand bone whilst keeping the parant-child relationship.

I know that if I had created the finger bone while in edit mode by simply adding a new bone as opposed to extruding, I wouldn’t be in this mess. but it’s a little late for those tears. A quick solution would be great.

Just unselect the IK option next to the bone’s name in the bone list in the Edit window (F9) in edit mode.


Just tried it and it works great. Thanks for the quick solution.