Let the panda die out 'with dignity'

This is the opinion of BBC expert Chris Packham. I have to say a small part of me agrees with him, but a large part of me feels uneasy about this.

The Panda is a pretty piss poor animal when you think about it. They don’t give a care for sex and thus have difficulty reproducing, they only eat bamboo which is dificult to digest and forces an incredibly slow matabalism on them…

…but because they are large and cute and furry they are the poster species for endagered animals and millions are spent on their preservation: money which doesn’t go to the preservation of other less well known but equally endagered species.

As an attractive “poster animal” for endangered species, they raise awareness for all creatures in a similar predicament and, therefore, contribute to the protection of less well known (and uglier) ones as well. (See the World Wildlife Fund.)

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on one hand, if its what nature decides, then no point us trying to stop it. on the other, if theyre dying out because of us invading their habitat and hunting them etc…etc… then we have a responsibility to not kill them off completely.

Nobody gives a shit about condors. People just care about looks. They’re cuter, so we pour millions into protecting them.

Speaking of birds USA Today had an article on how windmills being put up around the US are chopping up birds by the thousands and could even wipe out some species.

-Save a bird, replace a tall windmill with a little generator on top a building.
-Save a panda, clean up one of China’s many polluted streams and plant bamboo on a barren mountain.

Can’t a grid or screen be built around the windmill ?

With thousands of windmills already up, do you have any idea how expensive it would be? It could cost millions per field of turbines which for a multi-billion power company it shouldn’t be a big problem (if there are any other than big oil)

You mean more jobs ???

Chris Packham is an idiot - how did the panda survive up until we started encroaching on them? They have a place a niche…

How is it that the Panda is hardly surviving despite conservation efforts? The panda is not making a recovery even though the habitat destruction has mostly stopped in many panda relevent areas and the poaching has all but stopped aswell.

If a species can be wiped out by a fart in the wind then isn’t it time to let go?

Incedentally i posted the same thread on an american forum and the first reply was,

“Mmmmm, i wonder what panda stake tastes like, i better find out before all the pandas run out”.

Windmills create enough turbulence to suck the lungs out of most birds… though the most killed animals this way are bats, they can’t “see” the blade untill it’s too late and their lungs are turned inside out… as it happens the wind turbines are usually placed in fields maintained in such a way that it attracts insects, which in turn, attracts the bats.

They are building new windmill blades which cause less turbulence and are at the same time more efficient, based on the fins of whales. As for the birds getting chopped up: stupid birds must die, smart birds will survive… and once we’ve wipped out all the stupid birds what’s left will take over the world!

Also about the panda’s: let the Chinese worry about something will you?

The only time the Chinese worry about animals is when the price is high is at the local resteraunt.

Cool… Can we do that with stupid people also?

Yes, it’s called “cars” “mislabeled warning labels” “fun with microwaves” and the biggest of all “beer” and “smoking”.
TV is just so the stupid people stay indoors and don’t ruin the view.

Also we made the internet just to boost the smart people, dumb people won’t “get it” and will use it to get even more confused than they already are:tiny brains, not much room for thinking, add some data and watch it go boom.

I’ve witnessed all of these, first hand, happen. Explaining asteroids and odds is really fun when you’re talking to somebody stupid: “Any day now, we might get obliterated by an asteroid, yellowstone might blow up and so on… -really?! I can’t take this anymore! -runs off in a panic.-”

totally false. the rotational speed of the windmill is way too slow relative to the speed and agility of a bird.

My sister years ago nearly tried to dry her socks in the microwave once, good thing that was stopped, we also like how she has consistantly flubbed facts about history so we get to correct her to heck and she still passes history class in highschool.

Also, funny thing about people doing stupid things, while I would not consider anyone in my family as a total idiot, I have felt like calling my mother or sister idiots even though I know not to say that out loud. Or I sometimes think “stupid humans”.

I would high five you, if not for the “sometimes”… what? I’m an arrogant know it all, you’d have to be really smart to break through my self esteem with something clever. :spin:

For some reason that makes me think you’d be a great college professor with militant style teaching tactics, the students would be glued to their seats and just spend hours in intense study as they don’t want to do anything to get on the wrong side of you.

I can do militant teaching too to make students (or family members) better at things, I literally wore my sister out in Pagosa Springs dishing out soccer practice on her with while saying dialogue like a drill sergeant.

My mother, father, and sister has done good things too so I don’t think of them as ‘stupid’ all the time. I can’t even remember the last time my older brother did anything incredibly stupid, as for one thing he did very well in college and also did very well in getting the job he applied for.

You know there was a guy that invented a water turbine by freezing the water as it were going down the drain, the end product was a perfect turbine, what if the same could be done for a windmill. Perhaps nature has the answer we may be looking for.