Let your inner light out

This is a sort of poster-format, entry for DA’s “Dare to Deviate” contest. Very simple for you seasoned blenderfolk, yet I haven’t used it for a long time, and quite happy with the result I managed to get. The white text is overlayed in a raster editor, the rest is rendered in Blender.


Good critique is very hard to come by, so I will appreciate your feedback.

With respect,

Very interesting concept and it is effective as an attention grabber because it draws you in and you try to read it. Unfortunately, the shadow text is too difficult to read, i’m not sure exactly what it says, i think it says “dare to deviate” but it took a while to see it.

I think you can improve in several areas, firstly i would stretch the bottom of the polygon writing and compless the top so that the shadows which would naturally be distorted are easier to read.

Also i think it would be a little more interesting if the camera was a bit closer to the ground with a wider camera angle so that it is a little easier to see the the polygon writing does indeed spell the shadow writing.

Finally i think that the polygon wiritng could do with some kind of texture, i’m not sure what, but it does look unsatisfying to my eyes having smooth yellow, i can’t explain exactly why.

Hi, TheANIMAL, thanks for giving your time and attention to this work!

I was indeed struggling with the readability of the shadow text. I finally gave up for two reasons - I was running out of time, and the contest title is “Dare to Deviate”, so the people viewing it in that context would have no problem reading it.

I wish your idea of compressing the top and stretching the bottom of the text occured to me at the time! It is a genius solution - the shadows are disproportionate exactly in this way, so slightly compensating for this would do a great favor to the shadow readability! Great thinking, I may use this idea in a later work.

I was thinking about a wider camera angle. Would it effectively “expand” the middle of the image, and “compress” the outer area, like a fisheye? This may be a good idea, I will try it out in a test, just to see how it works, for use in future concepts :slight_smile:

You are also correct about adding some flavor, perhaps a texture, to the polygon text (good terms, btw). I guess I got too involved in working with the lights and shadows that I didn’t pay enough attention to the main text at all.

Thank you so much for the helpful critique!