Let's Actually Talk About Blenders

I’ve been using Blender now for just nearly over a decade. Something occurred to me: There simply aren’t enough serious discussions about blenders. Good blenders can be tough to find. The motors burn out easily on bad models, many of them make a big mess…

My personal favorite is the Ninja Master Prep
My reasons? #1 because the motor is on top, there’s less chance of mess. You don’t lift up the vessel full of liquid or goop (because every time you do it’s just one more chance to spill). Secondly, because the mount is not on the bottom, the vessels sit nice and flat on counter tops or in your refrigerator. #2 i think the smaller form factor makes it easier to store. When was the last time you found it easy to put a whole food processor container in your fridge? No. You probably transfer the whole mess into another container first. Not so with the ninja! Both vessels have rubber lids, and as I pointed out in #1 they sit flat. It’s good design. It’s different.

What’s your blender story? Make any good smoothies lately? I had a few crazy durian parties myself.



I’m totally with you!

This forum needs some serious conversations every now and then, for heaven’s sake!

My blender is a Vitamix rig. Wish I could discuss the modeling and wieght painting/rigging underneath the plastic, but I’ve never used it myself…

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Try it out! If you do get your hands on a durian it will likely be from an asian food market and it will also be frozen. I recommend thawing it from morning until evening, then cut it in half. take the meat from one half and refreeze the other half. Mix with ice and some milk. It makes a good (and weird) tasting smoothie.

If you aren’t watching the Blender foundation films with a smoothie in your hand, I think something’s wrong.

Gooseberry smoothies are going to be delicious.

Nice necro… Ill leave it alone though, its off topic after all.

Hey @Faria_Ferdowsy, the spam system caught you, and i almost wiped your account. I first thought that link was a ripoff of blender, with a price tag on it :stuck_out_tongue:

A company known as Blendtec may have done one of the most successful viral marketing campaigns ever, by using their product to blend everything from iPhones to marbles to dust.

I believe their approach of entertaining the customer with a faux TV show ended up paying very well for them.

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I can’t resist :grin:

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I’d rather not talk about food blenders!
The number of times they’ve popped up when I’m searching for Blender help…


haven’t you pressedthe John Connor button?
I think I know what will happen after pressing the button