Lets all play with Dominoes!!!

This is a domino animation i made in blender a while ago, but only recently found the time to (almost) render the whole animation… It took about 2 hours to set up. The camera animation is all hand animated as i couldnt use paths to the desired effect, the setting up of the camera took about 1 hour… There are a large number of quit significant errors, most notably the ending is missing (due to a computer crash at 3am in the morning)

Youtube link

High Quality version (39.4MB) (.mp4)

The attached picture is a capture from the video!

Thanks for viewing :smiley:


Wow! How did you do it?

Oh yeah, i forgot to mention that…

Well I used the game engine, and recored the IPO data… Using the ‘Record Game physics to IPO’ setting

very nice, how long did it take you to set that “machine” up?

It’s really cool! But sometimes a bit slow. And the boundaries are a bit too big at times.

What would’ve been extremely cool is that you’d drop the ball and then let it start the whole machine from the beginning, like some sort of time paradox :stuck_out_tongue: you could loop it that way, as well.

But overall very nicely set up :smiley:

EDIT: Just realised that this is the Finished Projects forum. Oh well :slight_smile:

where is that botton?

I could watch it all day long. It is so great.

Thanks for all the great replies! :smiley:

At the top, under the ‘game’ menu the is an option called ‘Record game physics to IPO’
When this is turned on, the physics in the game engine are recorded to an IPO curve, but be warned this can and will greatly slow down your computer and it take a large amount of ram and cpu to process and manage a large and complex scene. But for small scenes, its good! :smiley:

Couldn’t you got back and just render the frames that didn’t get rendered the first time?

I love the camera work. The camera follows the action perfectly. Must have been a pain to cook up.

Thanks lets talk more over PM.

This reminds me of that mequon physics demo.

how did you get a good speed?

Nice machine!!

I did plan to do that, but i just never could be bothered to do it… im just very very lazy.

Nice but a bit to slow( tell the truth, I still can’t do dominoes in the GE!