Let's Appreciate the devs and others.

Hey. Let’s appreciate the devs and the cool stuff that is floating within and around Blender.

Here’s something:
Cloth Sim Improvements

The lastest test builds for this project are available in the thread.

The dev for this, Luca Rood, has been steadily and reliably working on this for about 10 months, which is very impressive considering what consistently working on a project can be like.

Look at this cool video:

Also, the quality of the “Finished Projects” forum has jumped drastically with in the last 5 years.

And finally, you can fullscreen a portion of the Blender window by pressing “Shift+Space,” and you can scroll through list in the Blender UI by holding down Ctrl and scrolling with the mouse wheel.

Luca did an amazing job and still going forward with this branch and you should also consider that this project was not paid by the BI when it started so kudos to you Luca.
and even though we wane and moan about new features and bug fixes and workflow and always saying “do it like this programs or like that one…”, in the end we always respect the devs for delivering us this great piece of software (except you Ton i got a Vendetta with you :stuck_out_tongue: jk of course)

Yes, I wan to grab this opportunity to say thanks to all the devs, thanks for their competence and their dedication; they are making a great work!

Luca Rood’s work is very impressive indeed, I’m glad and grateful for his skill.

And I praise the return of Campbell Barton and his devotion to Blender.


You can’t help but appreciate the hard work regardless if it is in spotlight or behind the scenes! Everywhere you look, you see highly polished and intelligent solutions. Aspects executed with a lot of thought, heart and discussion with the community. Their hard work, vision and quality results in this product that is the direct multiplier to anything we as artist are able to do. As I have said before, I thank them for bread on my table!

I think this thread is a good idea - thanks to all the developers, contributors, artists and all the people giving valuable feedback! I can’t stress enough how amazing it is to have such a powerful tool for free :yes:

I humbly give my thanks to the devs too. :slight_smile: My work could not have been done hadn’t it been for the great and generous work of the developers. Thank you so much.

Agreed with HenryP here, the devs. have been hitting a number of high notes development wise recently and deserve nothing less than appreciation for that. Thank you for all of the hard work, if not for Blender I may not be doing CG art at all.

Thanks devs, you rock!

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