lets beg them to have a better set up for blender conference 2013

i want to see whats going on

this is ridiculous lol

I agree. Its really bad. I think the Blender Foundation should look at the way Apple records its developer presentations at WWDC. I don’t think it is necessary to stream these talks live. I’m happy to wait a month for good quality edited video. Also making the power points available would be great plus.

I think that video quality is even worse compare to 2011 conference. Look at this Ton’s opening speech.

It’s not perfect, but at least it doesn’t have weird white frame and blurry pictures.

Probably don’t need to beg, probably just need to volunteer to do a better job…

ill volunteer if they pay for the plane ticket :wink:

yeah bring me over, i’ll help out !

Ton mentioned getting better cameras/streaming for the next event. No worries. Same venue though.

I doubt if live streaming is practical at all, not only technically for the quality but based on the lifestyle of the watcher as well.

Considering the timezones, working hours, other obligations (care family, do housework, etc), it’s a sort of a luxury somehow for the majority of the watchers to be on standby.

The bottomline is that only a small fraction of users will be able to watch the event live, while the streaming quality will be ambiguous. The trick here is to record the sessions and edit them.

Also Ton mentioned once that he might rent a bigger stage since the interest for participants is increased which raises the bar somehow and Blender gets on the spotlight (if not already).

they could use open broadcaster and justin tv
you can get hd with that


I disagree, though ultimately they probably will just record it the good ol fashion way…streaming is absolutely some of the most accessible. If you go through a website like justin.tv for example, it records what it streams. It can also be accessed by mobile devices. This means if you are at work, or in the car…or where ever for that matter the stream can be accessed. Even listening is an option, not necessarily watching.

For those who do miss it, the recording is right there in the profile. A lot of cg artist will use justin.tv and ustream for exactly this reason.

The point is that its both highly accessible from multiple devices both during and after such an event. This isnt to say they should stream it, but its certainly a good option if they find its worth it.

yeah whats up with that? Even a crappy webcam nowadays gets better resolution.
A camcoder is dirt cheap on ebay, gets you at least 1080 hd resolution.

come on!

stream it live with crappy resolution , BUT record it with a camcoder with hd resolution then upload that to friggin VIMEO. Or youtube. These videos are unwatchable by today’s standards

Could have been a mobile uplink to stream too, they tend to have variable performance. Agree with cut and edit after all how many will be in that timezone at the right time. I just cut a 2 hour multicamera event back to a half hour in a few hours, with a little planning it could be a really tight turn around and look great.

From what I understand it’s the venue and their setup, which is why the quality is the same each year. Don’t think it’s anything to do with Ton and co unless they bring/borrow their own equipment.

Get venue to record before stream?

What like anyone in Europe during this weekend ?

Yeah I was always impressed with what was accomplished there by volunteers with little equipment. I’ve seen worse.

To do it well would require multi-cameras, tripods and gear, cabling, lighting, feed from the display, audio feeds and/or mics, etc. Lots of planning, or at least a few good techs that could set it all up on the fly. The same techs to stay on top of everything while shooting and do fast troubleshooting / fixing when Mr. Murphy rears his ugly head. A roaming camera and a good knowledgeable interviewer would be nice too. Also storage, editing, delivery, etc.

That’s a lot of (often tedious) work and gear for volunteers who may also want to partake in the conference, festivities, and maybe see some sites while they are there.

Begging for better will get us nothing. We need a dedicated experienced crew of 2 or 3 with a budget and pay.

Money and management is the remedy. Always was, always will be.


just get a guy a 60$ camcoder and have him record the whole thing, upload it to youtube.

It doesnt have to be live. The good quality version would be fine to come out a couple of days after the event.

I am sorry but this crap footage is not good marketing material. It makes the whole event look shabby/poor. This footage can be very useful to promote the blender community.

+1 Quoted for truth.

The current situation is, in my opinion, unacceptable for the image of Blender Foundation as a professional organisation. I’ve seen better recordings from an ad hoc get together in the local library*

That said, begging is not going to change anything. Somebody who knows what they’re doing needs to be setting up & recording these events. No-one who has paid to go is going to want to do all the work that requires (I may be wrong, but I’m being realistic). Either the Blender Foundation needs to pony up some cash, we the Blender community need to, or both.

Given the recent success of funding in the edge-split / game asset thread, perhaps we need look at something like that.

Firstly, do we know anyone in the local area who can look for camera crew? I don’t think we want to pay also to fly folks in if we don’t have to and getting a local cost to set the fund-raising target seems logical.

Secondly, would the Blender Foundation be willing to pony up some of the cost? A professional video presentation of the conference is highly beneficial, not only to the wider Blender community, but to the image of Blender & the Foundation as well.

[SUP]*No, not kidding or exaggerating. It was a local gaming group, two guys with cameras, and the resulting video was pretty damned awesome.[/SUP]

oh yeah because no one who works for the blender foundation has a decent camera XD.
cmon they are a bunch of geeks/nerds who make movies all day one of them has to have a camera over 720p.
anything is better than what they have now.

are you guys forgetting that this is blender? begging does lots of good this isnt like asking autodesk to do something.
if ton sees this as a problem he will more than likely do something about it.

I think you misunderstood my post. I’m not saying that there aren’t people in the Blender community that cannot do it or lack the equipment. I, for one, have multiple cameras that could perform the task reasonably well (and an ARDrone2 for crazy, noisy, useless flyby shots :p). The point is that someone who has paid for their plane tickets, conference attendance, and accommodation is unlikely to be terribly thrilled spending all their time fiddling about with the cameras, microphones, etc especially during that presentation they really wanted to watch.

You either need a large pool of volunteers for the effort (possible, but with it’s own issues) or a few dedicated persons who aren’t that worried about missing parts of the conference. If you’re going dedicated, it’s probably the same cost (or cheaper) to hire a few locals who do this for a living as it is to fly someone in & pay for their accommodation. I’m not dissing the community, I’m simply trying to be practical.

You know what’s been more productive than begging recently? Paying for the work you want done. What with J.Williamson’s retopo tool and mont29’s smooth-groups effort - I’m thinking money tends to be somewhat more of a motivator than the begging myself :wink: