Lets Brawl!! : 2012 game competition entry

The game will be like the def jam series ( not Icon cause it sucked ),
No story ATM , just fighting to be the champion, you choose a character ( Maybe create a character, not sure if i should put this in the game ) and battle a series of opponents 13-14 of them ( you have 13-14 fights ) ( may create a story ) this game might become a kinda toon type but not too much.

Modes : ll Single Player ll:RocknRoll: Vs:no:
ll 2 Player ll:ba: Vs :RocknRoll:
ll tag team ll:ba::RocknRoll: Vs:eek::no:

each will be accessed after playing single player and unlocking them.:spin:

No present help needed but i will accept people who want to help into the team.

PS: I’m avoiding High poly characters and high poly environments so the game isn’t slow.
and i will post the logo soon ( if you want to do it holla at me K? )


Cool char.

thanks but when its in game mode it sucks soo much!! i gonna redo it after i finish gameplay

I started animating the Character and i added hitboxes.


1 more pic


The character would look a lot better if you didn’t give him kind of a… Poo colour :confused: I don’t know, that colour has always looked like that for some reason to me :stuck_out_tongue: This is not meant to sound like I’m bashing your character it looks nice, but I would suggest making his skin darker and not so yellowish :slight_smile:

He looks like a character from the Simpson’s hahaha that just came up

Haha, yeah i agree, i’ll change him after i get the basic gameplay ( i’m nearly getting to it lol )

SO here’s another update., bare in mind that i hadn’t worked with this particular .Blend in a while and i was focusing on tests., this demo in on 15% finished. I need to clean some bugs and add a few more things and optimize. remember also more things will be put in python; i just wanted to get a basic feel of things before jumping straight to python K?. ya’ll can use whatever you want from this .Blend in your own game. ( this game play is not yet dynamic lol )
.Blend in a few hours

Sorry for lateness, here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/?0e5x6heguctcg8t
( unfinished, not even in demo state )
Plz leave your thoughts haha

The controls are: WASD - Movement
and G-punch, H-punch, J-kick, K-kick, Space - ( WIP special move )

any reviews at all?

Pretty good bro!, especially cause its’s not even in its demo stage.
Want help with this?

Sure. Iam starting a 0.2 version now with new Models