Let's create some MATERIAL Stickies!!

I’ve been reading everything I can find about MATERIALS (regular & node) and want to know how everyone feels about creating some .blend files containing nothing but materials, PRESETS, then make them Stickies for everyone to download and use. Seems to me that a lot of energy is being wasted by everyone trying to do basically the same thing. I don’t believe this would harm individual creativity, since users can always alter materials as desired to suite their own individual need. If you would like to contribute some or all your created materials, you could put them in a .blend file then send them to me (does this forum have private messaging?) after which I would organize them into different categories then save in appropriately named .blend files. It would be very helpful to me if you would sort your materials into categories such as Glass, Metal, Water, Wood, etc, then save in .blend files named like the following.


This would be very beneficial to the blender community as a whole. There are already MODEL stickies, so how about doing the same for MATERIALS starting right now?


Scroll down to 'Material Libraries

Blender Nation has already invented this particular wheel. In their archive for the repositories category, they have several posts linking to procedural material libraries. I’m sure if you’re willing to take the time to merge and organize all those materials, and find somewhere to get them hosted (BlenderArtists doesn’t host blend files) you would be doing the community a great service.