Lets Get this Straight

Alright, last step, make this straight, im used to shortcuts for bones, when rigging my models, i never bother with curves, they confuse me, as im used to working with bones themselves. https://pasteall.org/blend/aef314d137a64b73863bc49a0952bc99 is the link to example mesh, im at a total loss from here on how to make this mesh straighten on the X or Y-Axis, granted i have tried, and failed repeatedly. Ik rigs wouldn’t move, curves would scrunch the model, its something simple and i know it, i just cant figure out what im doing wrong, please leave a tutorial on what you did if you don’t mind.

You make it straight by modelling it yourself. Modelling it in a straight rest pose. As a bonus, you won’t end up with something triangulated like that. As another bonus, you’ll have better deformation.

What you’re showing is extremely easy to model. It is a long cylinder with a taper. You can model it with a cylinder and a bunch of loop cuts and proportionally editing it; you can model it with a curve object (a straight curve object) that you convert to mesh. Either is a hundred times easier than straightening the mesh that you already have.

oh okay i see, thanks, ill give that a shot as well, however, i do know that its possible to snap bones/pose bones to the axis, however my pose bones seems to be locked in place unlike in feeform when editing them.

If you mean that you can’t move them, only rotate them, it’s because they’re connected. If you want to change that, enter edit on the armature, select all, alt-p → disconnect bone.

Thank you, and i figure out how to snap the bones to the axis, after its done ill post it, then try out the long cylinder with a taper technique, yes its faster i can tell, i’m just stuck on this particular model, again, thank you all and again i will post a photo once i’m done.

The solution to snapping bones correctly in the ideal direction revolves around a very technical method, as i i accomplished it, use the grid to pinpoint my desired coordintes, once i place cursor on the deisred point, i snap selection to cursor, giving me perfect straight bones, its a bit technical and is time consuming, but ultimately worth it for that proper rig, also, i lost the folder and model this convo referred to. To clarify there are easier methods, im just not aware of what they are.