Let's go back to 60's

So that’s it. I’ve finally finished this scene. I know I have so much yet to learn, especially regarding the use of subsurface scattering shaders involving, however, I believe I’ve exhausted my current skills here.

I improved a lot the waitress’s texture. Now her facial features are more appropriate to what she should be feeling in this scene.

The soft metallic red line on the Jukebox is also now more visible because of small changes in lighting. I did some testing applying glow to lamps, but it got better as it is.

I would like to thank all the new friends who have helped me with your opinions and teachings :cool:. I guess it all turned into a collective project and I hope Rockwell, wherever he is, don’t be nervous!!! :wink:

Thank you everybody!

Great job! Well done :slight_smile:

Fantastic job, CC! You really pulled it off very well. Great modeling and texturing. Going to miss seeing this one on works in progress. To look at the beginning of your other thread and to see it concluded like this is really satisfying. Again, great job, CC.

CC that’s a really nice job and has a Rockwell look to it. And, to me the story is obvious without any caption which is really something. One of the greatest artist who ever lived said; ‘A work of art is never finished just abandoned’. And, I think we can agree with that.

But, I too will miss the thread old friend. Although I see from the picture you are way younger then me. So who knows where your interest in art might lead. If the progress on this effort was any indication who knows indeed. The very best to you and your lovely family. And, I will be looking forward to your next project. theoldghost

Hey CC… I really like the changes you made to the waitress, like the old ghost mentioned, the image speaks to you without a formal description. You really captured this time period very well.

I’ll also miss seeing this in the WIP. Maybe you can revisit it in a different way someday… like an outside view of the Dancing Cafe… complete with drive up bays, and cool cars from the 60’s with food trays hanging off their windows :slight_smile:

definitely an A

A great accomplishment, CCTrevis! You should be very proud! All the elements have come together to contribute to a grand image, with many details to take in. Great job!

And I agree, there is a bittersweet feeling when a long-running WiP thread comes to a conclusion. But, there is always the excitement of starting a new project and embarking on a new journey!

It’s good to see this finished, CC. The scene tells a story and has a lot of details to explore. Very well done. And what bigger compliment can you achieve, than being told that it catches the atmosphere of that time exactly. Great work.

All I can do is echo all the well deserved comments above. You’ve created a truly beautiful work of art and I love it.

Well Done.

Hey Guys,
Thank you so much for the nice comments. As my first WIP I had a really good experience here and most imortant to me, I did new friends and improve my skills a bit :RocknRoll: