Let's go fishing

(Poju) #1

Shall we?


(Aksy) #2

<FINNISH>Aika jees :smiley: Ihan kiva tuo paikka tossa kylessä :stuck_out_tongue: </FINNISH>
<ENGLISH>Very good. :o the body texture colours would be little brighter.</ENGLISH>

(paradox) #3

Poju good to see more of your work again, very cool, is this for the CG talk challenge Extreme sports. I like it - puts a smile on my face.

(S68) #4

Very nice :slight_smile:

Liked it a lot, great concept… which kind of fish do you fish with that bait?


(Poju) #5

Hey Thanks guys

Aksy:Kiittää hän. I’m working on it
paradox: Yes this is for challenge
S68: It’s for BIG fish

Here are couple light tests. i’m not big fan of eighter of them:



(Poju) #6



Any toughts?

(S68) #7

Very cool, better than the first two, IMHO,
but you loose the ‘being in a bait’ feeling :slight_smile:


(basse) #8

hehheh… twisted mind… you have.


(bmax) #9


(Poju) #10

Here’s lil fish


More toughts?

(Idgas) #11

wow that is looking very good. try giving some light rays casting throught the water behind the fish that might look cool. Great job!!!

(S68) #12

Cool, lots of theeth :slight_smile:


(Bapsis) #13

Here fishy fishy… :wink:

Thats very cool man, it just screamz for an animation… :wink:
I love the expression on his face, great job with that, also love his shirt, Barbie is hot, when i was a boy i would take my sisters…hmmm, maybe this isnt the place for confession!!! hehe :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(Poju) #14

Thanks evrybody, really priciated.

I’m not sure if this update or step back:


What do you think?

(Aksy) #15

the hands looks weird from this angle :-? but anyway it looks good 8)

(Poju) #16

Yes i know about hands they are pretty quickly made, but thanks

Unfortunetly i bought WarCraft 3 and got hooked up pretty bad, but here is 3 more pics for you (res is 1024x768 so thats why only links)

Ok must go and play now. See ya

(stephen2002) #17

looks pretty good, but from the position that the guy is looking, he dosn’t look like he can see the fish at all.

The 2nd angle is no good, you can see way too many of the imperfections in the modeling of the guy. (hands, mouth area)

(Poju) #18

Long time no update, but here it is:

Small fixes warious plases, but there is still lot to fix.
Feel free to comment and/or point out places to fix.

Click to 1024*768

(0ptikz) #19


That last picture rocks :o

Hmmm…are those proceedurals your using there or are they image textures?

Either way It’s sweet.

(Poju) #20

Hey thanks

Mainly prodesurals, but theres few images also