Let's hit that ball !

As a beginner golfer myself, i thought that would be fun to work on the subject.

Rendering : Blender internal

Don’t hesitate to give critiques (i’m sure that there are a lot :D). I particularly suck at setting up the rendering so i will love some advises.

Edit : I’ll keep this last version. thanks all for the nice comments and ideas.

Edit2 : I had the chance to have my picture critiqued by Andrew Price in his Focused Critiques. Here is my final version with the good advises.


Well done, nice cartoon human in a fairly realistic world. I might like it better without the pennant.

Lose the flag and it is a fantastic render in my opinion, great work.

Crap, i loved that flag :smiley:
Can you give me more clues on the flag please. Is it :

  • in the composition of the picture ?
  • color of the flag ?
  • text “let’s it that ball” on it ?
  • texturing ?
  • the mast ?

Thank you

Oops, sorry! :smiley:

For me, it doesn’t work on a few levels - compositionally (why is it there? would it not affect his swing?); material-wise (the writing appears distorted / low rez and there is some odd white patterns sitting behind it) and modelling-wise (the pole has an odd looking kink towards the bottom and doesn’t bend properly with the wind like it should).

However, the stitching and string look great!

Sorry for being harsh, this is way better than anything I could produce!

I’ll take a swag at what they might be seeing. Try adjusting the red. Notice on the color wheel most of your tones are in the blue, green and the red is almost 180 from those colors, that makes for a more harsh contrast (especially against the blue sky, where yellow might be more complimentary). Try pulling in some of the other tones you’ve already used, the orange of the mustache, the colors in the pants and /or the grass. The stitching texture is great, but the text seems to be doing something a bit odd making it a bit difficult to understand (splotched or something).

I like your work, I think it’s great as is! Good work!

EDIT: looking again, I’m noticing the extreme motion effect of the ball, but not on the club. At that position I would expect the swing to be in motion. I would reduce the blur on the ball a smudge and apply some to the club / forearms… easier said then done I’m sure.

Nice work :wink: I like the idea! Although I agree that blur on ball looks a little bit unnatural.

Thanks for the critiques (that’s definitely helpful).

I’m gonna think about this flag … I definitely agree that the text didn’t look really good.

@Quandtum : i was thinking the same thing about the motion of the club but watching some reference pictures, i noticed that in that stand (end of movement) the club wasn’t really blurry. But, i think i’ll try to add some motion blur to see what that can give.

I would have to agree, remove the flag or atleast the caption on the flag. You should also have him look at the ball, he looks a bit distracted or unfocused. Other than that, a fantastic render.

Looks very nice, although I would have to agree with others about the flag, it just doesn’t quite fit. Also another thing to think of next time: Maybe you should exaggerate the mans movements a little bit more (more of an arch in his body, farther swing back, even if it isn’t quite as realistic) because he looks a little lazy in this shot. Other then that very nice work.

hey! nice job!
check this link for short film made in blender


Thanks all for the advises.

I made some changes with some of your comments:

  • less blur on the ball
  • more blur on the club (not that much changes)
  • dumped the red flag and the text for something more in line with the color range of the picture.
  • i found the top of the mast disproportional so i scaled it down

What do you think ?

@obis_81 : let’s do a round of Golf :smiley: ! Really nice your animation !


The only thing I see now (and this is very trivial and maybe more due to the image jpg format then the render itself) is in the pants there is a bit of “banding” going on. That set a side, in a word… Tight! I think you brought it together perfect, damn fine still!

No crits, well done!

EDIT: comparing back to your first too, the size of the flag now vs. before creates a much better “balance” distribution across the image. I think changing the shape itself was a brilliant choice, again, good job!

really good, but I know what would make it even better! make it 3D with the red and blue glasses so the ball sticks out of the screen that would look amazing :smiley:

For me new version looks really awesome although prefered club without blur (it might be only in my head but i see a difference ;P)

Great render! I like it a lot. Really nice pose and feeling of movement.

One thing that I noticed is the impression on the golfers face. It’s somewhat dead. Maybe if he would appear more concentrated on the swing or something. Maybe looking at the ball with a little bit more intense look or something. But all in all, awesome work.

I had the chance to have my picture critiqued by Andrew Price in his Focused Critiques. Here is my final version with the good advises.


Nice pose, the particle effect is excellent. Well done.

Awesome work, unique and captures the moment. Think about the expression on his face and see if you can do anything to it :smiley: