Let's hope this doesn't apply to blender.

(MaceG) #1

Greece banned video games. The whole damn country!


They can’t tell the difference between illegal gambling and Theif!
And these are the people running the country!

(Ecks) #2

Why did they do that??? How do they control that? they put camera in your that watch your tv and computer screen all day long? If I was living in Greece I think I would continu to play…I hope this dont happen here in quebec…I have to stop or I will make nightmare…:frowning: blender is not a video game…(it can make game but it is not a gage) so dont worry about that! :smiley:

(NateTG) #3

whoa. :o its like science fiction. like 1984 or something. Can they really do that? I don’t know if I believe it… It’s not april first is it?

(Jolly Gnome) #4

That is weird… well, it’s not long since they still had dictatorship there… But still… I bet that law’s gonna be put down quite shortly, at least I hope so, so that other countries won’t start thinking about the same

(Detritus) #5

Bla for the Greece government! Why don´t they bann sports when they´re at it??? :x

(stukkm) #6

careful what you say there. this may be one of the dumbest ideas i’ve heard but please don’t be badmouthing greece. god… maybe this is some stupid ass joke? an old friend in greece just got a ps2 i know he’d be pretty pissed. well, let’s all hope that petition works. and getting back to your subject, i sincerely doubt it’ll apply to blender. blender is no game (it’s life :wink: ).

(Homer) #7

I also find it Ironic that Greece is where the Olympic GAMES were started and are going to be held in 2004 :o :o :o

(RipSting) #8

And you know that the olympic games will involve all sorts of electronic devices! Electronic scoreboards and many stopwatches!!!
What if you were to play a game like Taboo… The game includes an electric buzzer… Is this outlawed also? Here in Oregon there are many stores dedicated to buying or playing games! People are going to lose more than $10000 by having to close their stores because they’re deemed “illegal”!!! This is pretty outrageous! :x

(RipSting) #9

“Thats right, 12 year olds everywhere are having to take their Gameboys below ground into outlaw “Gaming Gangs”. Rumour has it these members of these gangs frequently partake in such evils as Donkey Kong, Mario and even the blatently vile Tetris!”

quote from an article here:

(Timonides) #10

Ohhhh… nooo… Please, not a third thread about this…

Look I’ve allready told you, at the other two posts, that this article, exaggerates a bit. This law exists, but things are not that bad…

Games and DVD’s are not banned in Greece. I’ve rented “Lord of the rings” yesterday on DVD and I haven’t been arrested so far… And my kid is playing “Tomb Raider: chronicles” but no policeman has knocked my door so far…

This law exists, but it is not as bad as the article says and in any case it will soon vanish into thin air… We will make sure of it…

Greeks are really capable of circumventing stupid laws!!!

Have you ever heard of the “Greek resistance”??? 10,000,000 angry Greeks, are really bad news, even for Greek politicians!!! We did it two days ago… We paralysed the whole market (for other reasons…), the prime minister got his pants wet…

Blender may have hit the “golden jack pot”, but it certainly isn’t going to be affected by this stupid situation…

homer: You can’t condemn the whole country, because of our politicians!!! Ancient Greeks/modern Greeks and the Olympic ideals, have nothing to do with modern greek government! Greek government are in fact the evil aliens who want to punish us for being humans!!!

God help us…


(Homer) #11

Oh I think you misunderstood my post. In no way was I condeming all of Greece. It was more aimed at the politicians than the citizens of Greece. And hey lets face it, Its not exactly like my Gov’t has anything to brag about when it comes to bonehead laws :wink: So please forgive my post if I have offended you, it was not intended like that at all.

(Timonides) #12

homer, no problem… I am not offended, by your post…

by addressing to you, it was more like a convenient way to make a very serious statement:

That Greek government are indeed the evil aliens who hate us and want to punish us for what we are…

Have you seen any picture of our Prime Minister???

He is certainly an evil allien… :-?

No human would have so many moles on his face… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


(Zsolt) #13

Wow, I was dumbfounded too, and it’s no joke! This has gotto be one of the most shocking laws I’ve heard of.

Although I highly doubt that they would ever check whether you play at home. But this one tourist was already fined ~5000 Euro for playing Snake on his mobile phone on the street!!! Wonder what they’ll do with the Olympic GAMES??? Let’s hope that the law will evaporate within a few months!


(joecool) #14

Homer!? The US have retarded laws! I don’t think so.
Who said that whistling under water was a dumb law!?
or putting tomatoes in your clam chowder?
Or if two trains meet eachother in the middle of the track they both have to stop until the other one goes!
or not putting your donkey in a bathtub, that’s not dumb!
How about it’s illegal for water(I forget which state) to go higher than the bridge!
Those certainly are NOT stupid laws! :wink:

regarding the last law I listed, my sister said that one day some bad guys would be in jail with a bucket of water, and they are going to ask why the water is in there, “well,” says the jailer “he exceeded the allowed limit of how high it was supposed to go”


Oh yeah! here’s another stupid law! if you crash you car in your drivers test, you fail! isn’t that stupid! I failed the first time because I didn’t know about that law :stuck_out_tongue:

(saluk) #15

Haha joecool…

I think the law only applies to all electronic gaming devices in PUBLIC AREAS, so nobody is going to be going to jail for owning a nintendo in their homes.

Still, it is a pretty dumb law, it seems to me that it isn’t that hard to tell the difference between a gambling machine and a true game machine: a game machine doesn’t ever give you anything except for a good time. Gambling machines have a chance to give you money back.

Seems to me like the police who were checking out to see if a machine was a gambling machine or not got too into the games:)

(IMProvisar) #16

Hehe… you know there’s still at least one town in the US that has a law that says you can’t drive a horseless carriage inside the city limits. Not sure which one, though.

And what about the town, dunno where, I think somewhere in Europe, where they made it illegal to die because of lack of cemetery space.


(RipSting) #17

In Liverpool, England it is illegal for a woman to be topless in public except as a clerk in a tropical fish store.

And in York, excluding Sundays, it is perfectly legal to shoot a Scotsman with a bow and arrow.

(IMProvisar) #18


And in Alabama, it’s illegal to sell alcohol on Sunday (though I think bars still can, for drinking on the premesis). Some counties are still dry. Also, you can buy all the beer you want, but you can’t make your own :x. That one really ticks me off because dad makes a damn-fine brew. Ever since I tried his, I’ve started drinking imports. Well… imports or domestics like Sam Adams… no more Bud, or Miller, etc… which brings me to a beer joke :)…

There was a big beer brewers convention in New York. A lot of the head-honchos got together one of the nights for dinner. All the big names… Miller, Anheiser, Coors, Guinness…

The waitress approaches, and starts taking the beer order. Mr. Anheiser started off, ordering a Budweiser, it went around, Mr. Miller ordered a Miller Genuine Draft, Mr. Coors, a Coors, etc…

Mr. Guinness was the last to order, and when the wiatress asked what he’d like to drink he said… “Uhm, I’ll just have a Bud, thank you.”

Everyone at the table looked in astonishment, finally Mr. Anheiser broke the silence asking, “But Mr. Guinness, why don’t you order a Guinness, I’m sure they have them here?”

Mr. Guinness replied, “But if none of you are going to drink a real beer, I don’t think I should either.” :slight_smile:

Drink on…