Lets make a GameEngine Wiki at WikiCities!

I’ve been thinking of something similar for sometime. The best solution though is to set up a Blender GameEngine Wiki at WikiCities. KnowledgeBase scripts, webrings & databases of links to other sites are all obsolete. Wiki is definately the way to go. Anyone can upload their existing tutorials and we can have community-developed tutorials and stuff like that! :smiley: Plus we can even have a development section where python scripts can be community developed as if they were on a CVS, but on a Wiki instead! :o :smiley:

WikiCities need to see evidence of a good strong community before they will set up our Wiki. So who would be willing to support it if we do?

Keith. 8)


The wiki now exists and I’m working on the basic site design & layout.

  • I’ll be looking for initial contributers soon so if you have a tutorial and already know how to convert it to wiki script PM me.

  • Also if you’d like your script featured (I’m thinking specifically of TitleTex5in1, z3ro_d’s mouse script, Lizard’s Automap, etc…) please PM me.

  • Anyone from the Crescent Dawn team who’s prepared to do a full page feature please PM me. Also Peter Rylander please PM me. :wink:

  • Also if you have experience with wikis and if I know you PM me and I might make you an administrator.

Please post suggestions for the most commonly asked FAQ’s.
Camera script & how to make EXEs are the obvious ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

I won’t be officially announcing the wiki to the public until it’s got a minimum amount of content.

Oh come on people, 32 views and only 3 votes?? WikiCities isn’t like any old web host, if they don’t see evidence of large community suppost they won’t give permission to create the wiki. So start postin your responces :stuck_out_tongue:

Keith. 8)

Projects in Blender start best with someone just STARTING and having other people jump on board. Voting to see if you should start is a little too bureaucratic for this community and I think that’s the reason for your lack of response. Not that anyone isn’t interested.

I agree. But this project needs to be done on WikiCities, and they require proof that the wiki will be popular and properly maintained. I intend to direct them to this thread as proof.

Keith. 8)

When I had the time I would add some information to it. Most of the documentation on the current engine is out of date and from various versions. This can often leave new people confused with why something is missing or has changed.

Learning Blender’s game engine is pure grunt work, lots of trial and error. Documenting everything on it wouldn’t be a small job. All the experts in the community would need to chip in in some form for it to be worthwhile.

i’ll make a low poly modelling/texturing tut for it.

I would love to have something like this that covers all aspects of making a game in blender.

Im not sure if i’ll send in anything but i’ll be using it alot of the time, and I can probobly delete all my favourties of lots of blender tutorials :smiley:

Well, well…

I think this is a GREAT idea! :smiley:
Thumbs up for WikiGameBlender project!
(I will try my best to contribute as much useful content as I can!)

I’d write a game engine basics one and how to creat a simple game rigging for game engine explaining physics a slightly more advance game tut and the list gos on lol. :Z

I would certainly support it, but I dont know how I can contribute. Allthough I havent looked at it for a while the Blender referance PDF is an exelent manual, that surely just needs updating, in fact it ought to be required reading in some cases, (joke). But yes I would love to help if I can.


ps, whats a wiki.

Yes, would contribuate.

Instead of starting a new wiki, wouldn’t it be great to join in and make an existing one better?

How about this one http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D


I already considered that honeycomb. Unfortunately Wikibooks (and all of the wikimedia projects) are very restrictive on the use of their services. Wikibooks only allow reference material, so the tutorials would be fine but a whole online community would not be appropriate. Basically if the same idea wouldn’t work as a paper text book then Wikibooks won’t allow it.

Okay people I’ve had some more ideas for what we can have in the wiki. You might not be able to write a tutorial but I’m sure you could do some of this stuff:

  • Game Project Showcases. This would be where you could show off details about the current games you’re working on! You could give descriptions & embed screenshots etc. :slight_smile:

  • Logo Contest. When the wiki first starts we will have a competition to see who can design the best logo for the site! Imagine having your artwork permenantly displayed in a prominant place on EVERY page of the wiki! :o

  • THE GameEngine Knowledge Base. A complete Knowledge Base of everything to do with the game engine, where anyone can post quick questions, and anyone can post quick answers tot he questions.

  • Looking after the wiki. You don’t have to be an administrator to look after a wiki. Every user should help to keep an eye on things, look out for spam & abuse, and roll back changes if they find any.
    Also would people be prepared to port their existing tutorials over to this wiki from their site? Everything posted on the wiki must be released under the GNU Free Document Licence.

I’m going to write a draft proposal for WikiCities, and I’ll post it on here so you lot can suggest additions/changes before I submit it to WikiCities. :slight_smile:

Keith. 8)

You know, that actually sounds like a great idea.
The Ultimate Blender Game Engine Site!

Though I really don’t know too much about the Game Engine yet, I would be willing (personal time permitting) to test the tutorials to make sure they’re accurate.

A year ago I had an idea to create a website called Blended Reality. Which was an idea of mine as well that I realised it for a part. I have around 500 mb of blend files which show each an another technic to accomplish something. From save/load scripts, to culling, LOD, networking, set resolution, but also mouse look scripts, sector culling and much much more.

My idea was making a website with all those blend files on it, as well as all games made with blender like Hellstation, Indiana Joe, DrDoom and much more. Making tutorials or even a online game engine kit, but I was bussy with school, got depressed and such, so I didn’t finish it.

Now you might not think, ooh JD is working on it, no just make one. I didn’t have the time and stuff to finish it. I like the idea a lot, but please don’t make a standard wiki website theme, make something cool of it. :smiley:

Finished games are best to be hosted on gameblender.org, and linked to on the wiki. Most actual .blend files may have to be stored externally, incase the WikiCities people think we’re just using it as as file storage.

500MB of content?! :o WOW! But can you write tutorials for all that lot.

How do you mean? Are you refering to content or layout?

For those of you who aren’t aquainted with wiki boards, I should warn you that you can’t upload HTML to them. Wiki’s use their own form of mark-up language, but it’s really really easy to use (easier than HTML). You can learn all about it at http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Editing Basically its a special mark-up system for doing rich text. If you only use headings & body text then you’ll end up writing the equivilent of a text readme file (its that simple). Embedding images & links is a tad bit more complex but not much more. :slight_smile:

Hoping to post a draft of the proposal to this thread tomorrow.

Keith. 8)

I’ve got space on a web server if you want it. No adds.

Great hyphenex how much have you got? Could we perhaps set up an upload script on the wiki so that people can upload blends to your webspace from there? :slight_smile:

Keith. 8)

heh heh i can’t wait lolzor i am like full of tonnes of tuts basic modeling, REALLY high poly model (like ONLY for stills), game engine tuts, animation tuts and of course game texturing LOLzor.

Devil in Disguise87)>

EDIT: Umm i’ll exclude the high poly modelling (not for the game engine lolZOR) HEH HEH.