Let's make the Neverhood

Say you guys…
How about we make an interactive 3d lowpoly version of the Neverhood as a group project? You game?

Only problem is that the gamengine still doesn’t work very well (physics wise) for me… (usually when there’s something rolling , the animation slows down to a crawl). Do you have the same problem?


yet another “lets make a game” thread…

Well, I was only talking about the model actually. The only thing to script would be some teleporters. Mostly a “sightseeing” thing. I would do the texturing myself.

Well. Nehpets has a point here. I love the Neverhood totally, but had bad experience with helping guys with they’re games… I say try creating the world yourself, and if it works out nicely, make the game completely. Don’t make yourself depending on others. The idea is nice, but I say try starting up yourself…

Ok. [!]

Hey man good luck

roger:do you think we could use your post as the official “yet another group project” post