Let's make the random BlenderArtist.org mascot!

I got this idea that we could make a character, that maybe could be the mascot for this site. I didn’t know where to post this thread, but if this is the wrong place I hope a mod could move this thread.

However my idea was that we make a character, but the thing is that each part is made by one person, and one person can only make one part. You should not tell what you are doing. It would be like that that someone makes the eyes and then someone else makes the mouth and so on. Then we put it all together.

But we need a structure in order to make this. For now we only do the head. The parts that should be done is: eyes, mouth, nose and ears, if you have an idea for something else give enough information that nobody else do the same thing as you, and not to much so someone knows what you’re exactly doing. It works like this: first write in bold what part you will make. Write before you make it, or someone else will. But be sure to make it fast, max 1 day. When you’re done, edit your post where you wrote what you will do, and write that it’s done. When the head is done we will make the rest of the body. Do not upload your blender files. Do that when the the all the parts for the character are done.

Because nobody knows what others are doing make your parts with some kind of medium resolution. And do not apply the subsurf so that it would be easier to put it all together later. If you make for instance the mouth, you can also make the cheek, chin and a little bit more, but do not do too much and think whats parts belongs the the others, so that you don’t make too much around the nose when you have the mouth. Try to make your parts as random as possible, try not to make a simple human face. And this is only the modelling part, so no materials yet.

Hope this goes good! :smiley:

I’m making the ears!
EDIT: and the top of the head too (because it’s related to the ears I’m doing)

I’m making the genitals!
EDIT: and the rest of the body too (because it’s related to the genitals I’m doing)

I’m making… uhm… nothing I guess, since the head and the body already is taken… =)

Tell you what…

Let’s not and just say we did :wink:

i actually might do that with my other projects :wink:

Sago, just don’t use yourself as reference, please, GH! :smiley:

What if Sago is a woman x)? I’ll make him a skateboard :smiley:

No seroiusly … No need for a BA mascot in my opinion.

Sago is not a woman… or if he is he’s not a very attractive woman… heh… :stuck_out_tongue: