Lets model togeter! (dream vehicle)

Hey, I hope that this is not illegal in this forum, but I wanted to start a new model that anyone can edit and then post the results here.

Here is the rules:

  1. Post here that you want to join.

  2. Download the latest version of this model and open it to blender.

  3. You have 30 minutes time to model or edit what ever you want to in this scene.

  4. Type your name or nickname to the text editor.

  5. Add the updated model to this thread. Then the next one who adds a message after that and wants to join, gets the next 30 minutes with this model.

  6. Do not add textures to the model, only blender own materials. So the size of model will not be too huge to download.

  7. You can also add a picture or render but it is not important.

  8. Do not apply modifiers if you don’t have any really good reason to do that.

  9. Moderators will tell when the model is completed. (And close this thread.)

  10. This scene is free to use in any commercial or non commercial projects without need to give any credits to the creators of the model.

The model:

Picture of it:

Hmm, maybe its completed then. This thread was maybe poor idea.

Great idea this thread but maybe it’s difficult to have only one person at a time working during 30 min on the model then another one …

Hmm, youre right. Do you think that 15 minutes can be better so others does not need to wait so much? (if this goes popular.)

you need to dream up interest first before attempting something like this, otherwise people will just overlook you thread and think its just like any other wip thread

Maybe you can let several people modelize as they want and how long they want and submit their work and people can work on these models after all …

Why don’t you post an initial vehicle that is fairly complete that everyone has to start from and see who can turn it into the most imaginative design?

Yeah, good ideas, but the original idea was to see that what kind of vehicle it will be if it is mixed with lot of different uncompleted ideas. Actually the main idea is a copy from some finnish blender forum.


It seems that their server is at the time down, but there is still one uncompleted picture visible.

Tyrant monkey, yeah. MAybe youre right.

Binchou1981, your idea looks good at the paper, but if that happens, there may be soon 10 different models in this thread and no one wants to download them all. Its more easy that there is always only one model that everyone can download if they wants to see the progress or edit the scene.

If I put my time lot for doing the vehicle almost completed then i want to model also rest of it, because there is then too much of my own design and time put to that model and it is not made by the group of people anymore.

I will definitely do my 30mins either tonight or tomorrow. I think it is a good idea to post when you have started to do your time so the thread doesn’t split.

I think once people see more of a vehicle they will want to add bits.

Why not having one model … like the one you have posted … now several people will modify it during one day … then a selection between all the proposition will be the next step for the new day and so on ?

matfr: Thank you. I think that so. :slight_smile:

Binchou1981: Maybe in next thread we’ll do like that if this method that we have here does not work in this forum. :slight_smile:

Right, I am starting my 30mins now… will post back shortly.

lmao …when ur done, im gonna start :smiley: i wanna give a wack at the toplogy

The image:

And the blend:


Have fun!

kk myt turn timing now :D!

kk here it is :smiley: and heres a pic too :smiley:

dont know how to make my link work on the word HERE so im going to put the actual link lmao

was going to give it rockets (or tank tracks) on the back end ender the side peices…but didnt have enough time lmao


Dream_vehicle .blend (1.94 MB)

Looking good!

I linked in the only way I knew how - I couldn’t get the blend file to upload (too big it said).

Hey nice! :smiley:
Ill take my second turn here.


the file:

All of you are good to modelize so fast !! great work, keep it up !!!