Lets Play II (a Variation)

Alright, the idea is simple. Its a story. you can add up to 5 sentences.
Ill just hope this may take off.

Once upon a time there was a kid sitting at his computer starting a thread and wondering whether or not it was doomed. As he turned to watch some tv the doorbell rang. He went to get it and…

kk, its all up to you. please help get this going.

Not another one of these…
I think this is getting out of hand. Lets play was fun, but now we have variants all over the place here.

Oh really? didnt realize it…kk,
He opened the door and got shot

The End

Well, that’s my opinion, so if the rest is okay with it, I’ll just ignore this thread and leave it be :slight_smile:

He went to the door and…

if anyone wants to take this somewhere, feel free

It was locked, just like the last thread of this nature :slight_smile:

(Sorry, couldn’t resist)

you got me :slight_smile:

His dog, hearing the “bing bong” went berserk.
The dog was chewing up his ankles as he stumbled to the door.
He Franticaly tried to tell the dog to fetch a dog biscuit which he had thrown on the floor.
He opened the door and there were missionaries there trying to give him a pamphlet about stuff.
The dog growled and barked at the kid that was there with its father and was hard to restrain.
The pamphlet was just the same ols stuff, so he said…

’ wow, you know ive read enough of these to be saved a hundred times over.’
they scowled and turned to leave. Then the boy whipped around, a tazer n his hand and…

Zapped Free_ality for starting this thread.
The thread starter screamed in horror as he got zapped.

Then the boy whipped around, a tazer n his hand and…

The dog lunged, thinking my master’s safety is at stake.
He went for the jugular and struck.
Soon, blood was flowing down the steps of the porch.
The hound thought “well this ain’t dog chow, but it will do in a pinch”.

A bystander threw up and it hit the dog eating the tazer shooter.
He then called police on case of a rogue canine.
The police came and the canine lunged an attacked the cops.
“Shoot at will.” shouted the cops.
The dog grabbed the gun and began shooting.

The storm troopers heads started to explode in a ruby red mist.
They had on their flack jackets, but the dog knew to aim for the head.
Sirens were screaming and radios crackling but no one was there to care.
Smoke curled slowly from the barrel of the canine’s gun.
He removed the empty, and inserted a new clip.

he aimed for the head, and shot… but to his dismay they had
‘head flack-jackets’ (:p) on and they carried onwith their distruction.
The dog (which was quite worried at what was happening)
phoned ‘Super Wu-Man’ to come and help out
with the problem…

Suddenly, a pig the size of the Sears Tower came and stepped on him.

He was unharmed, of course, and proceded to blow the crap out of the pig and a couple storm troopers.

Then came the dog catchers.

They veritably dismembered the pig and jovially began ratiocinating about the gustatory effect to be generated by means of the mamal

A farmer came by saying he was looking for his pig and little to his dismay it was dismembered.
“IDIOTS!” he shouted then came back with his horde of genetically modified farm animals.

As they wreacked havoc on the city, there was a swishing sound in the air…
‘Mojo, Genitals!’
yes, it was Super Wu.
As he descended on the farm freaks he cursed loudly, blasting all around him with obscene(yet funny) references. The farm animals took one look at the enourmous package hanging between his legs and ran.
‘Man, I wish i was as manly as him’ commented a fleeing horse.
But all was not over. As Super Wu flashed his grimy green teeth he caught site of…

An army, a flying mechanical army no one has ever seen before.
Shaped like Dragons, super wu realized only one thing.
The one thing was and only could be that his great Dragon nemesis has followed him all the way here to prevent him from winning over the people.

But then almost the whole blender community came and joined with Wu(pop culture super-star) to defeat the crazy dragontologist army. The Cyborg Dragon Master was tired from spending all day everyday chasing down everyone who mentioned super wu, and spreading his crazy religion. He decided to take a nap, and woke to find himself(and his army) tied up in Super Wu’s swank and hip Bachelor Pad. Wu walked in smiling and said…