Lets recreate Pointiness (Cavity) in Geometry Nodes

Edge Angle node is fun, but on its own it is quite limited and the outputs do not match Pointiness attribute from Shader Editor. This can be a problem for making more advanced dirt/edge wear maps.

But not anymore! With the power of Geometry Nodes we can recreate Pointiness from the ground up. First lets look at how it is implemented https://developer.blender.org/D1086

The relevant part is this equation here:

Arccosine, dot product and vertex normal are pretty straightforward. Less obvious part is converting signed angle to a vector and rotating it according to a face normal:

Final product:


Very cool! What does the example mesh look like in solid view?

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Added it to the post above.

Also now we can use Blur Attribute on Pointiness. One iteration of blur brings it really close to original one.