Let's save the tanker from the Meanie Pirates off the Somalia Coast!

Ok Luke Skywalker is busy teaching the Jedi arts to wannabes, McGiver is in another TV show now, most the worlds special forces are taking their well earned vacation/holiday, umm so now it’s left to us.

So what’s the plan of attack ?

This forum needs its own version of Mail Goggles.

A wood chuck would chuck as much wood as a wood chuck could if a wood chuck could chuck wood.

Call- (dramatic pause)- THE A-TEAM!!! :ba:

Well, I think that first off, we need a template for Blender Bux. Then, we all get busy and print up a few million of them and pay the ransom. Problem solved. Plus we could use all of that crude to lubricate our keyboards. :slight_smile:

Boycott Hollywood and Disney

I’m on the pirates side myself.

The german frigate “Karlsruhe” where there in the persian gulf heading to Egypt and its helicopter got to the tanker “Trafalgar” its position, so the pirates immideatly flew away with they nine speed boats.

The oil companies are getting ripped off? That is really breaking my heart.

They are a bunch of amateurs though. They only got 1 ship full of oil. The bush administration got an entire country full of oil,all of their ships and all the people and infrastructure to boot.

Which “meanie pirates” are you refering to? The Somalis who took the tanker used to be fishermen who were put out of bussiness by factory fishing fleets from Europe and the far East. Had their harvest not been pirated they would likely still be happily fishing.

That one ship represents 1/4 of the daily output of Saudi Arabia.

WWM ~ you have an interesting perspective. I can perfectly understand how some apples in the barrels will have to resort to unlikely means to put fish in their stomachs. Or mayhaps the “Meanie’s” have another agenda ?

When folks decides to pick up a weapon, sometimes accidents happen, as folks is human after all.

End of the day, I’m not against pirates, as long as they stay in their romantic image as I first discovered them in Peter Pan and Wendy. But when they point a rocket launcher at a million odd barrels of oils, whether in bluff, or something else, I do feel for the fishies in the ocean …