Lets sort out this W3D exporter!

I am sick to the teeth with the lack of a working W3D exporter… Director 11 is coming out soon, and that means the return of shockwave! If Blender could be used, it would be the prime 3D application for online games development!

Lets see if we can sort this out once and for all!

I have to admit; I haven’t even touched Python before. However, I’m not a stranger to solving script problems. If we could do this together one step at a time, I’m sure it can be fixed in no time.

I will upload newer versions as each problem is solved, but this is what I have so far:


Drop that into your scripts directory, and see if you can sort each problem a step at a time. I understand that it’s a pretty old script, so it will need quite a bit of attention.

I have got to the point where this line produces an error:

Blender.Window.FileSelector(what_goes_here,“Export W3D”,createWRLPath())

I have no idea what to put in place of ‘what_goes_here’, so if you could help me with that, I would appreciate it.

Here’s the W3D export SDK if anyone needs it:


Good luck!