Let's started the argue - Little Angel by MZooly

Hey MZooly at your first posted thread I thought you were simply insulted by the poser comments but now I see that you actually can’t handle any form of critic. If you cannot accept that some people see your art different and comment on it then please do not post again.
I really like your images although I think you are using the same face over and over so it get’s boring after a while. I also agree with Gaalgerly that in turning the belly it makes the image more dynamic.

@ypoissant: I think this pin up style and painted style is actually ment to be this way. He is going more for a painted pinup look which I think is quite good if you do it only in 3d.

Oh and if you feel like insulting me please do it in a language I can actually understand German or English being the once of choice.

I think your technique is pretty good and I like your images, although a bit repetitives and monotonous in poses and subjects. But the aspect of your works impressed me the most whenever I look at those is the ability of an eight-year mental aged guy to produce such a good results.

Lol guys stop being rude. WTH happened here? Just that you know some of your responses aren’t really clever too. And I quite get the reason somebody gets pissed off when he gets accused of using poser while posting images that are much above the standard of these forums. I’d also like to see comparison with the works of people who actually criticize, to see their anatomy knowledge and composition abilities. Show your powah! :slight_smile:
This doesn’t mean the image can’t get criticizm, since nobody is perfect. But when I read some of the “clever answers”, I try to click through to portfolios/works of these people, and mostly find almost nothing, only 10000 post by these people on these forums/with no actually finished renders.That doesn’t count for everybody of course, so any real artists, don’t feel touched please.

I hope this flame stops, and MZooly posts some more images of his work on these forums, since I can’t actually see the original image anymore now.

Which by coincidence is MZooly’s way of coping with criticism. And who ever said that posting a finished piece is the base for givin criticism.
And btw the flaming was started by MZooly himself. It was him who started swearing at people in another language!! Which isn’t only rude but actually violates the forum rules.
And nobody on this thread actually mentioned anything about the image being a poser model.

Read the previous page, it’s all explained (not just a theory, I’ve seen it happen in MZooly’s other topics as well).

He reminds me of this kid by the way.

1.The poser discussion was in other thread.

2.Who said posting finished piece is the base for givin criticism? me. at least something unfinished on similar level. a few multimirror reflecting metal cubes/spheres laying around the forum are not good enough :wink: This is important. This server’s name is blenderartists, not blenderforummaniacs. This of course isn’t meant for beginners who always have to start from some point to get to some results, and everybody knows it takes long to get from a cube to a good human figure or any other good 3d picture/animation.

3.Whoever starts a flame, the one who responds in same way isn’t any better.

The poser thing was a totally another story…he never was accused of using poser. It went more like this:

“Wow awesome picture. Did you use poser for the model, or did you made it yourself?”

The guy who asked (no offense meant!) was clueless. Since poser do not produce such quality models I think. But it was in no way an accusation! It was a simple question!

I exchange in pm with MZooly…he always feel attacked…for everything…so just let this thread die now.

  1. the pose is wrong. the bellybutton part got twisted badly. i`ve done some quick flipping around with parts…looks more like a natural pose.
  2. her wrist seems to be too tight, i used the smudge brush in gimp to give more volume there.
  3. her nose is a bit strange, although this is a very minor problem.
  4. her eyes are too wide apart. the space between her eyes should be only one eye long.
  5. does she have boobs? cant see any… :slight_smile:
  1. so not everybody is build to your image of ideal.
  2. so not everybody is build to your image of ideal.
  3. not everybody is build to your image of ideal.
  4. not everybody is build to your image of ideal.
  5. well, ehmm…not everybody is build to your image of ideal.

Not sure what the crits are about really.

I made some too:

The first and fourth critiques are not a matter of ideal body image, but of anatomy. Humans do not have navels that high, nor can the torso and hips twist so much in so short a span (it appeared as if there was a 60 degree twist happening in the space under the wide belt.) The critique about eye spacing is standard art school rule of thumb, and is so because exceptions are rarely seen in real human beings. It can be argued that the remaining three comments are a matter of style, and could be taken as suggestions, had the OP chosen to take them as such.

I think the thread title indicates the OPs attitude.