Let's suggest a name for Everything Node project to the dev

As you may all know the particles nodes will be shiped with blender 2.90 this summer, but it doesn’t have a “name” so let’s invent one and suggest it to the developers in devtalk.

Why does it need a name ? well let’s say every aspect of Blender have one
Path tracer engine -> Cycles
Realtime engine -> EEVEE ( extra easy virtual environment engine )
Physics simulator -> Mantaflow
2D Drawing -> Grease Pencil
Video editing --> VSE

What’s wrong with “Everything node”
Well it’s more a description than a name, it’s long to pronounce and to write

Nodal system from other 3d package
Maya -> Bifrost
Cinema 4D -> Xpresso
Softimage -> ICE (Interactive Creative Environment)
Houdini -> Houdini





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Spring particles

Blendini? :wink:

Joking aside, here are a few more serious suggestions.

  • Uni-Nodes
  • VFXpanse
  • TechTree

APE - Augmented Particle Environment

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I don’t really see the need for a specific marketing name for a few reasons:

1, because the various parts will be added in separate steps, so at first it’s not really ‘everything nodes; - it’s just particle nodes, then later there will be geometry nodes, and finally there will be object/scene nodes.

2, I think it’s best not to think of these node-based systems as something external and separate. The idea is that this will be the foundation of many core parts of Blender - adding objects, all simulations, all particles, using modifiers, setting up constraints and relationships. it will just be ‘Blender’.

3, if you look at Houdini - it’s just ‘Houdini’, although each network type does have weird names such as VOPS, DOPS etc - but because they are so confusing, even they are moving to calling them ‘geometry’, ‘object’ and so on

4, there’s a useability issue with inventing your own name for something. We see this issue with Grease Pencil today, which has a misleading name. Or with Eevee, which is just gibberish. If you call a spade ‘Bob’, it’s much harder to understand what it is. ‘Spade’ will do just fine.


I don’t think there are any good reasons not to come up with a name. Someone already did, to launch it. And that works for the umbrella initiative because it describes it.

But I also agree with William - to a degree.

My suggestion would be to simply call each addition, what it is, with the name Nodes

For example:

Particle Nodes
Physics Nodes
Modeling Nodes
Rigging Nodes
Animation Nodes

And so on…

And the overall description of this as Blender Nodes

For example we already have:

Animation Nodes
Composite Nodes
Material Nodes

This is similar to how they named it in XSI

ICE Rigs
ICE Modeling

And so on… then they stopped developing

So basically it got to the point you could do everything in ICE in XSI. But it did not start that way. And as they finished a module, they gave it a name. Very easy to understand.

Blender is not enough. Yeah, we know Blender does all kinds of things but we name each thing. This is no different.

Just keep it simple.

Blender can be Blender and even when it is all complete we don’t have to toss out Blender Nodes. This just becomes the name of this aspect of Blender, and keeping with conventions, you don’t even have to know you are creating a Blender node when you make a box. In fact, you could go some time in Blender before even touching a node.

This is now it works in Houdini - and in Maya too by the way. Everything in Maya is a node. And for years already, long before most people even knew it, you could model at the node level in Maya. As far back as at least 2013 or so, to my recollection. It is a great feature. One of those hidden gems. It only recently got a face lift (re-programmed I suppose) and more features added which brought it to the front.

So the vision I see, is that the average newcomer to Blender can open it up and start using it to do all kinds of cool things before even realizing they are also creating a node network in the Background.

Then one day… oh, What is this Blender Nodes?

And at whatever stage we are at in development, they can see… oh Blender nodes is this area of Blender and… so far we have

Particle Nodes
Physics Nodes


And this keeps going until it is done.

More advanced users from other apps will dive right in. And it still makes sense to them.

Maybe there is already a plan to do this? At any rate, that is how I see it.


Blender + Nodes = “Blodes”



I have an original idea :stuck_out_tongue: , just rename to all Blender and foundation as “NaN” (Now all Nodes)


Winner. Close thread now

NAP(Nodes are power)

Quoted for wholehearted agreement. If you guys have an urge to be creative, maybe create artworks. :stuck_out_tongue:

greetings, Kologe


…with naming…
Perhaps they used to work for NASA?

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@CarlG: I’m not following you here, I’m sorry. Is NASA known for notoriously ‘creative’ naming or sth?

The name “Everything Nodes” always suggested to me the idea of a joke project called “Nothing Nodes.”

(All of the interface and none of the functionality!)

100% agree, K.I.S.S.

Well, NASA and pretty much all of (astro) science has a tendency to come up with a catchy acronym first, then be very inventive to make it appear sensible. Come to think of it, maybe not NASA specifically but astronomy:

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Noodler :smiley:

I was writing a reply but you worded my feelings on the subject much better than I could ever have.

@YAFU this is actually a cool idea, and a nice nod

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