Lets support shenmue 3 on kickstarter

Shenmue 3 kickstarter page:

Shenmue 3 is finaly annaunced and confirmed at E3 2015 at sony’s press conferance.

The game is already meet its goal at kickstarter(2.000.000) but in order to be the game we all want we must continue to support it until if not all,most of the stretch goals are met.

But some of you you may wonder what is shenmue 3 and were are the preview 2 games.
Well the story is long but i will try to keep it short.
The creator of shenmue series is Yu suzuki is the father of 3d fighting games (Virtual fighter series basicaly the first 3d beatem up game)And modern 3d race games (virtual racing).

Shenmue is an open world 3rd person action adventure.But literaly is so different from any other game to put it simply there are no shenmue clones nor shenmue inspired games its a gerne on its own.
So the orginal development of shenmue starts with sega saturn machine in mind.But as we all now sega saturn dind go so well so they decidet to begin from scratch(at least the coding and visual aspects of the game)on the new segas hardware the dreamcast.In 1999 after 5 years in the making shenmue the first shenmue game is out and its epic!Day night cycle dynamic weather system.Open world with a lot of npcs with breath taking visuals exeptional music score and ofcourse a great story.
Shenmue 1:

Shenmue 1 was the first part of a 11-14 chapter game.After 2 years shenmue 2 comes out witch it was literaly 5 times larger than the original shenmue 2 continue the story until the 6th chapter and basicaly stoped with a cliffhanger.
shenmue 2:

Well shenmue 3 never came out becouse sega had and still has many problems.Until now Yu suzuki and his team are ready to make the 3rd instllment in the series but they need support.
So i call all the fans and newcomers in the shenmue series to support this project!

Shenmue is a game every gamer has to expirience so anybody who havent played the originals if its possible get the games and do it now!!!Sadly shenmue 1 is only available on dreamcast and shenmue 2 is only available on dreamcast and the original xbox.If you cant play them though there is a chance sega will release both of them in hd remakes in modern consoles plus if you beggin your journey with shenmue 3 Yu suzuki promised that will include in the game sort videos from the previews ones so every newcomer will be ready to enjoy the 3rd installment.
So no excuses now lets make this happen if you think of it every dollar you spend on shenmue 3 is used to revive a legend its totaly worth it!!!

I wish you the best and i hope you too will expirience shenmue

New stretch goals revialed!!!
And dont forget Yu Suzuki twitch


and sonic adventure 3 as adaptation of sonic x season 3.

New rewards are here.plus be on the lookout probable a ps4 physical copy reward soon