Let's take a walk

I tried to make something in a couple of hours



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This is beautiful! Nice composition, it’s very striking. Could you share any information about how you made this? Was this all done in Blender? What did you use for the vegetation?


Thank you!

The scene is quite simple.

The mountain is a pile of 3d assets of rocks and cliffs from Quixel Megascans.

For the vegetation I used Scatter 5 AddOn.

The cloth simulation was done in Blender as well as the characters.

And for the clouds I used Mesh to volume modifier.
The rest is playing with lights and shaders.



It’s a really great piece of art.
The only thing I don’t like to much is the dark part of the hill in the lower right corner of the image.
It’s quite strange, as lighting, that with such a clear sky and, at that altitude, that you have shadows or dark part.

The guys and their clothes are really well done.

I would agree with @marcatore that you really don’t want to let that area go “completely opaque black.” Not quite.

But then I checked myself and thought, "well, in this case maybe you actually do." Because the black area is in diagonal contrast with the very white rugged mountain. Maybe “detail in those shadows” would weaken the effect.

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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