Let's talk about addons. Is there going to be some of them?

(staughost) #1

So personally I am interested are these plugins going to be reintegrated in 2.8:
Bool Tools
Carver MT

I am raising these question since addon list became noticeably smaller than it previously was.

(stargeizer) #2

I’ts simple:

Blender is still ALPHA, unstable and doing/updating a plugin right now is like building a house over quicksand… Nobody will stop you doing that, but you will notice that the house will sink in the sand pretty quickly and probably you will hear some ambulance sirens and some people that will take the owner of that house to an asylum… Hopefully you get the idea.

Anyways, if the authors of these plugins feels like updating the plugins for 2.8x series, probably they will update them AFTER the final 2.80 is released. And that’s because the Blender Python API will be ready by then. If you are lucky, probably after the betas, but i won’t hold my breath over that.