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I am a newbie at using a computer animation program, I am in Art 4 in highschool and I really want to get into computer animation. So do you guys have any advice on what I should do just to dive into it, and is Blender right for me ?


Learn it and you will learn many a wonderful thing, also don’t get discouraged if you don’t whip out an @ndy artwork in the first month or year or millenia lol.

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Welcome to the forum and yes Blender is right for you. It is one of the best applications for learning 3D software. The manual has tutorials that you can follow through but you’ll learn most by working on projects you come up with yourself so start with some tutorials but move on quickly to projects that take your interest.

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Welcome to the community!
I can’t say if Blender is right for you, but give it a try and after a few months decide then.
I look forward to seeing art from you.

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I’d suggest you continue what you are doing right now and delve some deepre into whatever software you plan on using.
I can tell you that the industry expects you to be able to animate in more than one piece of software, though.
Expect Maya and 3DsMax.
That also depends on what kind of stuff you’d like to do with your animations. Your options are quite wide where 3D animation is concerned :wink:

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So you love to do art? Well how good are you at CG? Do you like to do CG? If you do then try 3d graphics and animation. Do what you have a true honest passion for.

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