Let's talk about critics

Do you like critics on your works?

When I was at graphical design school, our teacher used to work with us in a way where everyone has to put their recent work on the wall of the class room and then everybody should say everything they had in their mind about all of the other works. Everyting without censorship. When we started that, it feel little bad to hear all of the nasty things about the works for what you had done so much, but later you realized that it was actually helping. Of course all feedback were not negative, but most of it was and all they were saying were very well reasoned critics.

So from that I’ve learned that when you say negative things about someones work, you are helping him to grow as an artist, but also at the same time I know that everybody cannot get it in the way that is constructive for his personal growth. In that cases the “target” will get angry and starts fight back.

I have this kind of experiences in Blender community and I’m sorry if I’ve hurt someones feelings. I am trying to help even though all the things I’ve said does not feel good at the beginning.

When you wanna be constructive, you must tell the truth. You cannot hide your true mindings, because then you are cheating that person to the wrong path. Tell the truth and force yourself also to find something positive from the work, so you have balance with the good and negative things in your message. Do not say anything personal. The art and artists are two different things and your critic goes to the art, not to the artist.

The thing a lot of people don’t understand is that the work is separate from them. Criticising the work is not the same as criticising the person.
As far as I know, most of the experienced artists here on BA know this and welcome critique.

When giving criticism, make sure you give the ‘target’ room to manouver. Give suggestions rather than just pointing out flaws, also point out things you like, and be realistic about what they can do.

Yes, you can’t learn from “That looks great”

Honestly it’s not that hard to deal with critics ragging on your work

as long as you haven’t worked on the project for too long
like 2 years or something

if it did well…

it stings but there are worse things in life.

Honestly constructive criticism feels artificial IMO.
I prefer that a critic just full on insults the work
(as long it makes sense and ISN’T for some agenda like some critics can’t seem to stop themselves from doing)
Rather than showering me with compliments and I continue with my ignorance.

It’s possible to be honest while being constructive. Just point out what parts of the piece needs improvement (along with what doesn’t seem to work well), but then follow up with a hint on how it can be improved in said part.

The issue with constructive criticism is not that people are not allowed to be blunt about things, it’s that some communities interpret it as expecting people to only praise the work (and the person) and only mention the good things (something that might even be enforced by the moderation in the name of having a “positive atmosphere”). For instance, when is the last time you saw a detailed critique of a work at Zbrush central (including what needs improvement and what doesn’t work)?

Yes and no.

I really dislike being wrong, so critiques that point out me doing something wrong does sting. However, I’m aware it’s the fast track to improving so I seek it out. I think in order to develop any skill to a high level you have to develop some thick skin. I think as you get older, you tend to not get as defensive too.

The internet itself is always criticized for all of its negative comments, but I always find negative comments a lot easier to parse for honesty. Say I’m looking at book reviews: I find it easy to read a 1 star review and determine if the person is just a lunatic trolling or is bringing up legitimate annoyances. It’s a lot harder for me to read a 5 star review and determine if it is actually that good, or if someone is fanboying about it. So I tend to value negative comments more than positive ones – kind of weird actually thinking about it.

Also, bear in mind that, when you are “speaking” in an Internet forum, the “listener” actually encounters “the written word.”

Writing has a vastly different and more-powerful impact than actual speech, which is accompanied by gesture, facial expression, and so forth.

No, they won’t let you “hear them scream,” but they will scream, nonetheless. Therefore, it is very important to edit your words most-carefully, to make your comments purely constructive, and to seriously ponder whether it’s right to “say” anything at all.

I’m pretty noob at 3D but I’m always mad at comments like “That was awful” or “Horrid, no offense but just horrid”. Since that helps me in no way.
But as soon as for example one of these comments turn into “The girl’s arm is flapping like a chicken wings” I started laughing and felt learning.

Personally, I like to think I welcome any kind of criticism - when it comes to it.

Usually I don’t get defensive of my work. Like Virta wrote before me, the worst thing that can happen is someoneone starting the sentence with “don’t take this personally, but…<comment that is personal>.” while not giving a suggestion of how to improve it.
Sometimes even well-meaning comments are useless because authors comment on something that needs improvement but I just don’t see it, and it frustrates me.

I guess there are other people like me who don’t even submit their work for criticism. I am an educated photographer and I know the benefit of receiving critique, whatever it may be… but normally I see flaws all over my 3D work as it is. Usually I have no idea how to improve them and this is where it gets complicated; if I submit I imagine most of the comments will be about something I see already and couldn’t fix. And for the stuff I didn’t notice, like “the hair should be thicker” I still won’t know how much.

Lastly, I don’t consider most of my work worth showing. Comparing to some finished works mine are in a constant state of WIP. :smiley: