Let's talk about Endgame (Spoilers)

Before we begin, if you haven’t seen Endgame please turn back.

Someone had to do it. What do you guys think about Endgame? Theories? Favorite parts?
Here’s some questions to get started:

Plot Holes

Loki escaping with the Space Stone/Tesseract.
Steve somehow not altering reality while staying in the same timeline but doing completely different things.
How did Steve turn the Reality Stone into the Aether and put the Aether back in Jane?
How did Steve put the Space Stone back in the Tesseract?
How did Steve put the Power Stone back in its orb?
How did Steve put the Mind Stone back in the scepter?
How did Steve give the Soul Stone back to Red Skull?


What will the next Black Widow movie be about?
Will Morgan take Tony’s mantle when she gets older?
What will Pepper do now that Tony’s gone? (Stay as Rescue, take Tony’s place, etc).
Will Cassie also get a suit built for her now that she’s older?


Should Tony have snapped? If not, who?
Should Clint have had ended up sacrificing himself?
Was this a good culmination to the first 3 phases of the MCU?
Is Loki really alive?
Should Bucky have become the next Captain America?

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Not even reading it. I don’t know why people feel the need to post spoilers on a public forum.

I fully understand your point; this is for people who want to talk about it (what they like, disliked). I didn’t stick this out here just to say what happened and spoil it and be mean. But to talk about any movie in-depth requires some sort of spoilers and I just wanted to warn anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. And if no one has any opinions, I understand there are plenty of other places to talk about it. Thank you for your concern and I hope I don’t mess with anyone’s enjoyment of a great movie.

I thought Endgame was a good bookend to 10 years worth of movies.

The big question is if Marvel can keep people coming back to the theater to see their next story arc (which begins as early as several months from now). The first arc had the advantage of coming when superhero movies were hot, that and people were curious as to what will happen next. There’s already some signs fatigue is setting in, so hero movies could soon see a lull if the next ones bomb.

This is plausible, because people don’t always pack theaters if the reviews are decent and it’s from Disney, noting how a disappointingly small number of people went to relive their childhood by seeing Dumbo. People might also start going to movies less often if Disney uses their increased clout (as they control a quarter of Hollywood now) to demand more from theaters and jack up ticket and concession prices.