Lets talk about Mantaflow

(esimacio) #421

Would like to express my gratitude to Juang for his excelent build tutorial, how to build blender in general and mantaflow branch.
Juang made a boring stuff fun :slight_smile: muchas gracias hombre

(thomascheng) #422

Wow, everytime I check this thread, I get very impressed. Keep it going, this will be a big deal with 2.8. Now if they can only improve particles.

(juang3d) #423

You are welcome! :smiley:

It´s important to be able to build Blender to test things, specially Mantaflow, it iterates fast, and to be able to give Sebbas a good feedback is important to deal with the latest build as often as possible :slight_smile:

We are looking on how to provide builds in some other place apart from Graphicall :slight_smile:


(kumayuki) #424

Blender Mantaflow Fluid

●Fluid simulation
Fluid resolution:150
Number of frames:250
Simulation time:7hours 57minutes

Frame resolution:1920 x 1080
Render time:17hours 5minutes
GPU rendering:GeForece GTX 1070

brunch ver 2017-11-29

(juang3d) #425

Now everyone can access Mantaflow builds, we will be updating them when new features and fixes are ready to be tested :slight_smile:

Here is the link where you can find the builds, they are for Win64 and OSx for the time being, enjoy them!

(esimacio) #426

Mantaflow tip of the day: you can under Quick Effects use “Quick Smoke”,“Quick Liquid” for mantaflow

(loran) #427

Nice job Kumayuki! I don’t understand how your floating particles appear??This is great! for me they are always here from start all over the surface. So bad

(kumayuki) #428

↓ This document is helpful

Documentation (GSoC 2017 - Blender Mantaflow Integration)

Float amount
A value between 0 and 1. The probability with which a float particle is generated.
A value of 0 generates no float particles. However,
note that float particles may still show up after being converted from ‘Bubble’ particles (if these are enabled).

(loran) #429

here my test based on Kumayuki 's settings

video :



(esimacio) #430

Loran> it doesn’t look natural, way to much whitewater

(loran) #431

esimacio: I am waiting for ability to create whitewater in blender since too long!

(esimacio) #432

Did not mean to be rude or anything. The whitewater is allready in mantaflow, you just need to use a icosphere as a dupliobject wich you probably have done. So the particles are the whitewater, so reducing amount of particles will make it look better

(Bernardo) #433

Hi! I was giving a try to the latest mantaflow build. I am probably doing something wrong: I tried to do a simple liquid sim with particles. The liquid is correctly simulated but the particles are invisible. If I go to a frame different than zero and simulate again I will see the particles, but as soon as I change frame they disappear.

Another strange thing: is it normal that when I simulate a liquid the mesh goes to wire draw mode?

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

(zebus3d) #434

The same thing happens to me in my linux builds. Particles disappear.

Another conceptual strange thing is:
The domain becomes fluid, instead the emiter and keep the domain as reference, as in most simulators, but this is not a very important thing.

(zeauro) #435

There could be more than one emitter in a simulation. In this case, it could be more problematic to expect an emitter change.
Does it mean that second or third emitter should have no mesh ? Or does it mean that same mesh should be shared between several objects that have a different origins location ?
It is is a lot more simple to use domain for cache. Unless you prefer that simulation creates a fluid result object that would have as only function to find out the cache.

(Klutz) #436

Is there an up-to-date build for vanilla Ubuntu/Linux Mint (ie. 16.04/18.x) anywhere?

(zebus3d) #437

You can try to compile yourself with my script:

the only bad thing is compiling requires some time.

(Klutz) #438

I already tried that some time ago. Didn’t work. That’s why I’m asking if there’s a build avaliable, i.e. a binary.

(zebus3d) #439

I used it a couple of times, both to install it right from the start and for update it. It always works for me. I wrote it in python so that it was easy to understand and modify if necessary. I have a series of instructions to make a portable build, but I have not had time to try it, and with my laptop i5, the compilation process it becomes very heavy.

(loran) #440

you guys saw that???

This guy developped a C++ simulator linked to Blender. He will release it in few months.