Lets talk about Mantaflow



(juang3d) #442

I saw the video but I didn’t knew it was linked to Blender, this is awesome!

(LordOdin) #443

is it possible to change the friction of the collision objects?

(Xraygunner) #444

I’d love more info on that!

(teddiursa) #445

@sebbas thank you very much for releasing blender mantaflow build on Github

blenrig collision model crashes mantaflow fluid simulation. here’s the file,

have anyone try to make a human character swim in mantaflow simulation? Please make mantaflow stable enough for character to swim in.


uses bug tracker to report bugs

(teddiursa) #447

is this the correct way to report?

(zebus3d) #448



Yes, sebbas talk about this way.

(Bernardo) #450

here’s my first test with Mantaflow. The build I downloaded yesterday from github, win version

125 frames
sim time was about 1h 56m

now some questions :slight_smile:

As you can see clearly from the video, the simulation goes slowmotion at some point. Anyone knows why that happen? I don’t think I messed with any time settings… By default adaptive time stepping is on. What does this option do exactly? Might it have something to do with it?

the float particles settings. I feel that the amount of floating particles in the “stream” is correct, but where the water is emitted it’s filled with them. I don’t think it is correct that they are there, plus they slow down the render and use more memory. Am I using some wrong setting or is it a problem with the sim?

Thanks for any help!

(Bernardo) #451

some other questions after a bit more of usage:

is there a way to deactivate the collisions of the domain withouth having the water generated from a mesh to go out? As an infinite water plane.

wouldn’t it be more intuitive to call the border of the domain with the axis names instead of front, back, left and right?

(LordOdin) #452

Adaptive domain is a huuge feature missing from manta flow sims… makes renders go much slower :’(

(Bernardo) #453

not sure if adaptive domain is what I was talking about… what I want to achieve is to simulate a domain with no collisions on its borders so that I can simulate waves (for example) without them colliding with the borders

(Bernardo) #454

another considerations:

the float particles appear uniformly over the surface of a still mesh generated water volume. This doesn’t seem right to me, the floating particles should appear only in proximity of turbulent water. Floating particles don’t have any threshold settings, so I am not sure how this could be fixed.

(teddiursa) #455


Anyone like to swim?

(LordOdin) #456

My post just my own thought didnt have anything to do with your post

(Bernardo) #457

ah ok, sorry… I thought someone was finally trying to answer some of my questions :smiley:

(Bernardo) #459

is there a way to set friction for colliders? I have the feeling they are very sticky…

(teddiursa) #460

at resolution of 48, the sim completed. looks fine.
at resolution of 64, the sim completed. weird fluid behavior, the fluid expand fully filling the boundary.
at resolution of 96, the sim crashed.

BlenderMantaflow fluid cache write/read got a bug/problem?

(LordOdin) #461

I asked this a few weeks ago its actually the first post on this page lol