Lets talk about Mantaflow

(Bernardo) #462

ops… didn’t see that :smiley:

It doesn’t look like you got an answer thou, or did I miss that as well? :smiley:

(juang3d) #463

There is no way, not yet at least :slight_smile:

(Bernardo) #464

thanks for the answer. What about that strange effect of the water sticking on an oblique surface and going back down, they showed it a couple of pages back and I am having the same problem. Is that a bug in the simulation?

that’s the effected I am talking about https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?373547-Lets-talk-about-Mantaflow&p=3265698&viewfull=1#post3265698

(juang3d) #465

Yes, this is something that will be workerd out too, I think there will be some kind of voxel antialiasing to the colliders and other objects to avoid this effect, if you increase the resolution the effect is less noticeable, but it will be present until the proper solution is applied :slight_smile:

(loran) #466

Can this be done with Mantaflow?

(Bernardo) #467

thanks for your answer! :slight_smile:

in theory yes, but I guess until the problem we are talking just above your post is not fixed is gonna be a bit problematic.

(xamenzie) #468

Hi ! I’m working on a project wich need Mantaflow but i’ve a problem. I would like to have some smoke that flow out from the water particles but i can’t have a second mantaflow physic on the same object, so i’m trying to bake the particles to put them into another object… I found a script that convert the particles in objects with keyframe but the problem is, when the particle was not yet there the object is here and don’t move so it doesn’t work for the smoke…

Is it a good way ? Any body can help me ?

Thanks you

(teddiursa) #469

Hi, any updates, fixes, etc?

(juancarlosgzrz) #470

They died.


Not true, but it seems.

(juang3d) #471

Have you tried creating a second domain and using as source the geometry created by mantaflow?
You can try baking the fluid geometry to Alembic, reimporting it and then use it as smoke source.

Regarding news, there is no news yet, as soon as there is something usable I will publish a new build the github releases section.


(zeauro) #472

It was obvious that some physics stuff like mantaflow and cloth improvements would not be ready for 2.79.
So, devs agreed that should go into a 2.8 way to cache things and a 2.8 UI.
This thread will probably revive when 2.8 will reach a minimal state of stability.
(To be sure that a crash is not due to 2.8 but to attempt to integrate new physics stuff.)

(teddiursa) #473

https://www.blender.org/features/ mention “mantaflow”, is it already in official build?

(Ko.) #474

No, it isn’t.

(teddiursa) #475

from https://github.com/sebbas/BlenderMantaflow, “Merge branch ‘master’ into fluid-mantaflow”, what does it mean?

(Ko.) #476

It means that “fluid-mantaflow” branch was updated to be not older than “master” branch.

(teddiursa) #477

what is this? https://github.com/sebbas/BlenderMantaflow/releases/tag/v2.79a

(Ko.) #478

Recent, considered stable enough to release, version of mantaflow-blender integration source code.

(teddiursa) #479

can anyone build BlenderMantaflow with official Blender 2.79a?

(esimacio) #480

I am building as we speak, but i do not know is this build will be based on 2.79a. I have update to the newest repo, so it should be.

(esimacio) #481

It should be possible. There is a tutorial for this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHg-CHcflPM&t=2217s using default fluid, but it should be adaptabel to Mantaflow