Lets talk about Mantaflow

(Gilles Charbonneau) #522

Trying to compile the code from this adress, https://github.com/sebbas/BlenderMantaflow/archive/v2.79.tar.gz, but I get this error in Ubuntu 18.04, anyone has an idea how to solve this, or an url with this already build for Linux?

[ 31%] Linking CXX shared library liboslcomp.so
[ 31%] Built target oslcomp
Makefile:151: recipe for target ‘all’ failed
make: *** [all] Error 2
ERROR! OpenShadingLanguage-1.7.5 failed to compile, exiting

(English is not my native language) #523

I am able to compile following this guide:
and then changing to “git checkout fluid-mantaflow” branch.

Have you updated dependencies recently by executing the “install_deps.sh” script in sources files? You enter to “/blender/build_files/build_environment/” folder, and open the terminal there. Then you execute:

It will ask for your linux user password. You need to be connected to the internet.

(Gilles Charbonneau) #524

Hello Yafu, thanks for the reply mate, it is while running install_deps.sh that I get that error, I dont get to the compiling per say, I am not following this tutorial, but I can compile regular Blender 2.79b without problems, but I will try this workflow, thanks again man!

EDIT: I tried the tutorial with this git release, https://github.com/sebbas/BlenderMantaflow.git, it clones the files no problems, but keeps asking for password for the git commands, I end up with the same error in the end!

(English is not my native language) #525

I have no idea why git asks for password. This happens when you want to modify remote repository, not when you are working in local repository.
From official Blender repository, the only thing I do is:

After having followed the steps of the link before I shared, to change to mantaflow branch:
git checkout fluid-mantaflow

Update repository:
git pull

Configure and build:

Do you have a fresh installation of 18.04? Or you upgrade to 18.04 from previous versions?

(Gilles Charbonneau) #526

Fresh install, but I just cant make it work, so I am moving on, thanks for the help though!

My goal here is to reproduce something like this, should be interesting, although I am guessing it might take some doing and time to achieve, not to mention the simulation and render time! :slight_smile:

(English is not my native language) #527

This is no longer useful. Jens posted portable Linux build here (you look for a link embedded in text):

(Gilles Charbonneau) #528

Wohooo, thanks mate, really appreciated! :slight_smile:

On my Winblows box at work at the moment, I will look at it when i get back home!

(Klutz) #529

Just some advise for those that haven’t updated to Ubuntu 18.4 yet, which is probably most people:

I don’t think Python 3.6 came with Ubuntu prior to 18.4, so this will not work on a vanilla Ubuntu installation that isn’t brand new. (18.4 was published just a month ago.)

You’ll have to use a PPA or compile it yourself due to the fact that you won’t have libpython3.6m.so.1.0 installed, but libpython3.5m.so.1.0.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from having both onboard, since they won’t interfere with each other.

Here’a PPA for the Python 3.6 edition for Ubuntu versions prior to 18.4.

Edit: It seems other packages such as libboost that come with Ubuntu 18.4 also have to be updated on older systems, so I gave up on YAFU’s version. (But that’s just me and not meant to any detriment!)

(English is not my native language) #530

This is no longer useful. Jens posted portable Linux build below (you look for a link embedded in text)

(jensverwiebe) #531

New Linux build ( long log cause of merge ):

Branch: fluid-mantaflow
Revision: 1be28f9
Submodules: locale d3349b4 addons 4b91309 addons_contrib 4747021 tools 116ae2c
OS: GNU/Linux, Architecture: x86_64, GLIBC: 2.19
Builddate: Sa 19. Mai 13:26:17 UTC 2018
Filesize: 110529632 byte
Sha256sum: 4bf87b2af7fcc99b1858fdea5a9918ac95fec65dc3472504275c07fa883e57b1
URL: http://www.jensverwiebe.de/Blender/blender_fluid-mantaflow_linux64_latest.tar.xz


-UI and workflow optimizations 
-fix for inflow with subframes/adaptive time steps 
-refactored liquid script setup 
-small cleanup and refactor 
-fix for windows path issue 
-added sanity check before bake free call 
-added some sanity checks to prevent illegal cache access 
-improvement for cache pause/resume functionality 
-enabled raw mesh pointer normalization 
-added pause/resume bake functionality 
-minor secondary particle fixes 
-legacy code cleanup 
-improved data save/load setup and added cancel bake operator 
-small openvdb fix 
-disable mesh and fluid noise toggle during bake 
-Merge branch 'master' into fluid-mantaflow 
-bigger cleanup and added direct manta mesh pointer access 
-IDProp API: add native C repr function 
-PyAPI: add pop method to RNA struct types 
-IDProp Py API: Add default argument to pop 
-IDProp API: Avoid redundant group replace lookup 
-small UI update 
-BKE: bvhuils: remove member `sphere_radius`. 
-Fix erroe in previous commit. 
-BKE: bvhutils: Unifies static functions oh bvhtrees creation. 
-Cleanup: Remove G.main from framechange_poses_clear_unkeyed() 
-BKE: Smoke: Fix error with implicit declaration of function due recent changes. 
-BKE: BVHtree: Replace all external references of `bvhtree_from_mesh_looptri` with `bvhtree_from_mesh_get`. 
-Mesh Remap: Face Corner Data: Do not use large epsilon values to create bvhtrees. 
-Mesh Remap: Face Data: Do not use large epsilon values to create bvhtree. 
-Depsgraph: Fix extra operations and relations created for shared armatures 
-Mesh Remap: Change the sphere_radius parameter instead of creating a bvhtree with epsilon equal to the value of ray_radius. 
-Constraint: Shrink Warp: Replace `bvhtree_from_mesh_looptri` with` bvhtree_from_mesh_get`. 
-Mesh Lapacian: Use `isect_ray_tri_watertight_v3` instead of Epsilons to prevent corners errors in raycast. 
-Fix T54935: Particle group instances don't render when hidden in viewport 
-Fix T54341: Particle Instance Modifier doesn't preserve edge data 
-Fix wireframe modifier w/ even offset 
-Logging: setting log level wasn't working 
-IDProp API: expose repr utility function 
-BKE: BVHtree: make `bvhtree_from_mesh_edges` a static function. 
-Fix `Transfer Mesh Data` with `Edge Mapping` of type `Projected Edge Interpolated` and `Ray Radius` other than 0.0. 
-Particle Edit: Shape Cut: Create and use bvhtree with AABB hull. 
-Dynamic Paint: Create and use bvhtree with AABB hull. 
-Fix T54927: BMesh Py error w/ select history slice 
-Cleanup: correct solidify logic 
-Cleanup: parentheses warning 
-BKE bvhtree: Add `tree_type` parameter to `bvhtree_from_mesh_get`. 
-Fix tooltip for constraints' subtarget. 
-Cleanup: factorize RNA constraint targets definition. 
-Cleanup: split out extrude spin/screw 
-preparations for liquid real time updates during bake 
-Refactoring: bvhutils: Use a function that gets the bvhtree through an identifier type. 
-Add support for area lights to the Apply Transform operator 
-Fix Merge > To Cursor 
-Cleanup: de-duplicate paint access from object 
-UV editing: Make 'Select Linked' work consistent to 3D View 
-BLI Color: YUV to/from rgb colorspace option 
-Cycles: Cleanup: Remove double semicolons 
-Fix vertex paint alpha brush setting color black 
-Cleanup: meaningful names for color blending 
-Fix T54836: Select sharp edges doesn't flush to faces 
-Cleanup: Use enums for View2D value defines 
-Fix discontinuity in default UVs for a torus 
-UI: optionally pass icon size to widget_draw_icon 
-Library: Add assert to catch unsupported copy flags combination 
-Depsgraph: Fix missing relations in array modifier 
-CDDM: correct (disabled) logic in merge verts 
-Remove developer exception hack 
-Revert "Fix (unreported) broken 'get system path' in some cases." 
-Buildbot: Attempt to link against Blosc statically 
-Cleanup: comments 
-Fix (unreported) broken 'get system path' in some cases. 
-Fix string comparison in GNUMakefile for linux systems 
-BLI BVHTree Walk DFS: Decreases the size of the stack space used for the recursive function. 
-Build: Added explicit search for Blosc in CMake files. Unix build will now disable WITH_OPENVDB_BLOSC if Blosc libraries cannot be found. 
-Build deps: Fixed TBB build with GCC 6 and newer, turning off dead store elimination. 
-Build deps: Fixed capitalisation of CMake modules path for OpenVDB. Before, OpenVDB would always build without BLOSC and TBB support on case-sensitive file systems. 
-BLI_math: avoid assert with non-finite numbers 
-Depsgraph: Add relation flag to avoid flush across it 
-Depsgraph: Fix missing update with animated curve path 
-Depsgraph: Cleanup, remove unused relation tag 
-Cleanup: style 
-Fix T54766: "Record With"-NLA "Push Down" discards Blend Mode, Extrapolation, and Influence 
-Depsgraph: Add missing relations builder 
-Cleanup: UI naming 
-Cleanup: de-dup popup/pie menu RNA definition 
-Cleanup: variable naming 
-BLI_bitmap: 2D triangle drawing function 
-BLI math: clamped barycentric weight calculation 
-Fix: D3160 fixed blednerplayer stub.s for unix 
-Cleanup (followup commit for D3160) 
-Fix: D3160 Propose to use proper typedefs to avoid confusion 
-Fix usage of lib filepath in previous own commit... 
-Add debug tool to check validity of current file *before* saving. 
-VSE Effects: Wipe box: fix compilation errors 
-Cleanup: make variable name English 
-Cleanup: rename vlak -> poly 
-Cleanup: rename Icon.type -> id_type 
-Port particle instance modifier changes from Gooseberry branch 
-Cleanup: style 
-Undo: add missing flag for text delete 
-Depsgraph: Fix missinf relation for particle instance modifier 
-Cleanup: Trailing whitespace 
-Remove irrelevant print statement 
-Particles: Interpolate size for interpolated children 
-Fix makesdna not respecting C++ comments 
-bpy consistency fix handler_add(handle) 
-bpy blf api example update 
-Fix (unreported) RNA sometimes trying to get named sub-props from non-Group IDProp. 
-Cleanup: indentation 
-Cleanup: indentation 
-Cleanup: indentation 
-BKE_context: macro to access ID's while looping 
-Depsgraph: Pull indirect relations via driver targets 
-Make ID icons safe for deletion from threads 
-Added lock-free single linked list implementation 
-Disable Feature Collada: Tests do not work on unix 
-Logging: edits to build on macOS 
-Cleanup: skip redundant edit-bone select lookups 
-Pydoc: Fix multiple bpy.type modules 
-Cleanup: remove redundant args from ebone picking 
-Cleanup: remove bad casts 
-Cleanup: ED_armature naming 
-Cleanup: remove undoing access, minor formatting 
-Fix T54593: Py text edits crash (undo regression) 
-Fix compiler error in Windows 
-Fix T54527: Misleading Tooltip on Snap Target Menu 
-Pydocs: Expand bge.contraint docs 
-Cleanup: style 
-Cleanup: use const for BKE_object args 
-Logging: replace 'fwrite' w/ 'write' 
-Cleanup: rename WriteData struct members. 
-Undo: refactor memfile writing 
-Fix T54568: Undo memory de-duplication failed 
-Remove editor type selector from File Browser when in 'Operator' mode. 
-Fix: Follow up to 16b795cb95c 
-Moved vectorblur code from render to compositor 
-Changed assertion of '..' in file browser entries 
-fix T54549: Vector Transform node in wrong nodeclass 
-Pose Mode: pass object to mode enter/exit 
-Cleanup: minor changes to pose-mode switching API 
-Cleanup: remove unused flag 
-Fix transform nearest axis check 
-Depsgraph: Build relations for objects linked via pchan constraints 
-Fix T54423: Messages from RNA_property_editable_info() were not translatable. 
-Depsgraph: Flush debug prints 
-Fix crash in graph editor id remapping 
-Fix invalid context when refreshing popups 
-Cleanup: unused variable 
-UI: Clamp scrollbar offset to lower view boundaries 
-Use the newer version of the bullet 6dof spring constraint for rigidbody. 
-Added support for the WEBM/VP9 video codec 
-Remove commented-out code 
-Build: fix make deps using system webp/sndio libs. 
-Cleanup: avoid recalculating global center 
-Alphabetically ordered audio and video codecs 
-Encoding panel clarifications 
-Fix edit-mesh select next 
-Bullet: Fix velocity calculation of new spring constraint 
-Fix Collada: nullptr is a c++11 keyword. Changed to NULL 
-Fix Collada: Import of animations for objects with multiple materials 
-Cleanup: style, doxy headers 
-UI: Add accelerator keys to quit confirmation popup 
-Fix error where find-next missed None check 
-Cleanup: use string macros to avoid duplicate args 
-BLI_string_utf8: macros that de-duplicate sizeof arg 
-Depsgraph: Pull indirect dependencies via pchan constraints 
-Load metadata from video files and expose via RNA 
-Write the scene render frame range to image/video files 
-Write StampData metadata to video files 
-IMB_metadata improvements 
-BLI_string: macros that de-duplicate sizeof arg 
-Undo: split text undo steps out of the data-block 
-Undo System: return undo step from undo push init 
-Logging: use -1 log level to log all levels 
-ED_undo: use logging 
-Fix crash w/ empty text undo operations 
-Fix modifier freeing code re. ID refcounting. 
-Depsgraph: Make sure textures used by modifiers are in the graph 
-Proper fix for T54337 
-Tweak ID->tag reset on file load (no visible change expected!). 
-Depsgraph: Ensure root pchan is always found 
-Depsgraph: Assert that pchan index is always valid 
-Depsgraph: Add missing expansion od custom bone shapes 
-Depsgraph: Only bind ID-data and indices to depsgraph callbacks 
-Fix T54337: Cycles crash with simple subd object in debug build 
-Fix T54400: Some GCN 1 cards available to select for use with Cycles 
-BMesh: remove redundant loop in select-next-active 
-Undo: make id-map use binary search to keep sorted 
-Fix own error w/ undo ID lookup 
-Cleanup: rename BMesh count_ex -> count_at_most 
-Cleanup: rename list count_ex -> count_at_most 
-Undo: use with_prev verisons of id-map lookups 
-Undo: use general id-map for image undo lookups. 
-Undo System: id-map avoid duplicate add/lookup 
-Fix mistake logging w/ undo 
-Fix T54477: Broken utf8 strings in old .blend files 
-Fix (unreported) crash when accessing some bl_rna.properties. 
-Undo: remove particle undo push 
-Cleanup: editor BKE_main includes 
-Undo: replace global access w/ ED_undo_stack_get 
-PyAPI: Add PyC_Tuple_Pack_F64 utility 
-Build: add WITH_OPENVDB_3_ABI_COMPATIBLE option. 
-Cleanup: remove redundant imbuf return values 
-Build: fixes for the Intel compiler versions 2016, 2017, 2018. 
-Cleanup: newlines left in messages 
-Cleanup: move undo into it's own directory 
-Cleanup: move BKE_global include under ifdef's 
-Undo: store active curve shape key in edit-mode 
-Logging: use for Python API 
-imbuf: revert some of the changes of rBb6ba3c682dd6615e760905572a5bcd69bb46371f since they broke the build. 
-Fix compiling with Alembic 
-Correct accidental changes by C Logging addition 
-Resolve unsigned comparison error w/ MSVC 
-Cleanup: remove global header 
-Cleanup: warning 
-Removed by accident in last commit 
-Undo: unified undo system w/ linear history 
-BLI_sort_utils: add pointer sorting callback 
-Logging: fix own error with formatting 
-Use int instead of bool 
-Logging: add argument --log-show-basename 
-Cleanup: --help text output 
-Cleanup: blf internal struct naming 
-Logging: add ability to exclude categories. 
-Docs: doxygen docs for clog 
-Fix clog: own error allocating from static buffer 
-Fix logger build w/ MSVC 
-Build deps: do sndfile patch also on linux platform 
-C Logging: use instead of printf for messages 
-build_deps: Disable building docs for OIIO 
-PyDoc: Merge manual docs for bge.texture 
-UI: Edit mode move edge data tool into a menu 
-PyDocs: Adde link to Wikipedia page for mathutils.Euler class 
-Depsgraph: initialize EvaluationContext even if nothing to update 
-Fix T54457: build error with OpenVDB versions newer than 3. 
-Fix T54455: OpenCL build error after recent changes. 
-Cycles: take into account diffuse roughness for roughness baking. 
-Cleanup: Tooltip spelling 
-build_deps: disable hdf5 lib support 
-Fix Collada: broken tangents with Camera Animation import for xfov 
-Cycles: don't require pthreads as dependency on Windows. 
-Cleanup: typo in function name 
-BLI_array: utility to check memory is zerod 
-Fix missing confirm quit dialog on macOS, after recent changes. 
-Cycles: Fix bad register cast in sseb 
-Fix T54435: Quit prompt fails w/ fractional scale 
-Cleanup: global undo (minor changes to internals) 
-Cleanup: move paint curve undo into own file 
-Fix T54420: too much volume render noise with multiple volume objects. 
-GHOST: Solve compilation error of test programs 
-BLF: Don't use user preferences 
-BLF: Cleanup, indentation inside of preprocessor 
-Text: line break always returned cancelled 
-Text: re-allocate exact lengths for undo 
-Fix text editor undo w/ 4+ byte utf8 characters 
-Cleanup: move undo opcodes out of public header 
-PyDoc: Add docutils ref for "registration" 
-Theming: Use list-item colors for all un-embossed buttons in list-items 
-UI: restore quit confirmation when dialog disabled 
-msvc: Fix msvc2013 new despgraph related build errors. 
-Libmv: Fix compilation error on Windows 
-Glog/gflags: Reduce amount of local modifications 
-UI: 4-column layout for the editor-type selector menu 
-Cleanup: stray tabs 
-Cleanup: doxy header, line length 
-Cleanup: move image undo into own file 
-Fix issues with confirmation prompt on Windows 
-Fix own mistake from 4cb4556fa5ba78ff 
-Fix memory leaks when doing "Save & Quit" 
-Fix T48027: Memory leaks when exiting Blender from menu 
-PyDocs: Fix link syntax 
-Glog: Restore some custom config for MSVC2015 
-GLog: Tweak settings according to our config 
-Glog: Workaround mess around windows and non-windows headers 
-GFlags: Fix usage of unused attribute 
-Glog: Attempt to fix compilation error on Windows 
-Glog: Restore haiko OS 
-Fix T54172: Avoid jumping panel length during playback 
-Depsgraph: Report new depsgraph evaluation time 
-UI: skip confirmation menu on quit prompt to save 
-Update Google libraries 
-Fix T54360: FFMPEG bitrate not editable for all codecs 
-Cleanup: Use more python way of checking boolean 
-Fix T54348: Bone dissolve gives invalid hierarchy 
-Fix bone dissolve using wrong envelope radius 
-UI: Optional prompt to quit for non win32 systems 
-Tracking: Make object created form tracks active and selected 
-Tracking: Warn when no tracks are selected when creating mesh 
-Fix T54378: Drivers fail with property from empty 
-Fix build error on Windows 32 bit. 
-Remove debug only code from previous commit 
-Memory allocator: Clarify consistency check function 
-MSVC: Fix lite build. 
-Fixed: cache clearing when using multiple Alembic files. 
-Fix BLI_assert for MSVC 
-Fix missing ID pointer handling in materials in ID remapping code. 
-Fix missing array duplication when copying material 
-Fix compile error with MSVC2013 - Can't use __func__ (from BLI_assert) in inlined functions 
-Fix T54019: copying and linking bugs with custom ID pointer properties. 
-Fix T54240: automatic node link moving should take into account type. 
-Fix T54317: overlapping volume render bug after recent changes. 
-Fix T54356: volume rendering bug using just color attribute. 
-Cleanup: use utility header for particle looping 
-Cleanup: move particle undo into own file 
-Cleanup: move armature undo into own file 
-Cleanup: move metaball undo into own file 
-Cleanup: move curve undo into own file 
-Cleanup: split lattice into own library 
-Cleanup: type conversion warning 
-Fixed typo Python API 
-Fix ugly recursive pattern in RNA PointCache data layout. 
-CMake: disable boost for lite builds 
-Cleanup: kdopbvh, only set parent nodes once 
-Cleanup: use MEM_SAFE_FREE 
-mathutils: replace interp w/ blend when standalone 
-build_environment: remove msvc compiler warning from boost. 
-MSVC: ignore warning c4828 The file contains a character that is illegal. 
-Refactor: Collada: remove param, changed order of params in Function call 
-Add an assert to BKE_icon_changed() that we are actually dealing with ID icon. 
-Fix T54310: Assert when enable Brush custom icon. 
-Cleanup: naming and const parameter. 
-Depsgraph: Support colored addresses in debug prints 
-Add Truecolor ANSI console constants 
-Hash: Add utility function to convert address to rgb values 
-Depsgraph: Move evaluation debug prints to depsgraph 
-Cleanup: move mesh mirror functions to own file 
-Cleanup: doxy sections for editmesh files. 
-Fix T54326: Import Alembic stuck in edit mode 
-Fix T53971: single layer render showing the wrong render layer in image editor. 
-Code refactor: move OIIO image buffer writing outside session, into callback. 
-GHOST: Support Unity taskbar progress API 
-BLI_assert: extract from BLI_utildefines 
-Missed last commit 
-BLI_math: don't use asserts in inline API 
-Style cleanup. 
-Fix (unreported) broken IDarray case in IDP_EqualsProperties_ex. 
-Fix T54319: Crash after double-clicking baked F-curve 
-Cleanup: rename BLI_array_count -> len 
-Updated bpy.props getter/setter example 
-Fix T54286: bpy.props operator example misses property access 
-Cleanup: use sections for editmesh tools/select 
-API generating script: give better version for releases builds. 
-Cleanup: pass selectmode directly 
-Cleanup: doxygen comments 
-Fix T54302 - Wrong added scene when adding a scene strip to the Sequencer 
-Use Action datablock's own icon (instead of Animation Data's one) for File Browser's lib icons 
-Cleanup: long lines, use doxy sections 
-Fix T54299: crash rendering objects with motion blur disabled, after recent changes. 
-Cycles: reorganize tests in more evenly distributed groups. 
-Cycles: add constant folding to displacement nodes. 
-Fix type in comment 
-Depsgraph: Make timing profile a command line option 
-Fix T54296: Cycles viewport render stuck on constant re-render 
-Cleanup: remove misleading array size 
-Cleanup: typo 
-Cleanup: sync EDBM_uv_* functions w/ 2.8 
-UV: internal changes to picking 
-fix Collada: wrong usage of pointer and hidden redeclaration 
-Cleanup Collada: Removed duplicate variable setting 
-Cleanup: avoid redeclaration of iterator in same function 
-Cleanup Collada: Avoid unintentional reuse of previous defined variable 
-Fix Collada: Avoid unnecessary and even wrong check on unavailable data 
-Cleanup Collada: Make sure index variables are not reused 
-Cleanup Collada: make sure float array is initialised 
-Refactor Collada: combined 2 almost identical functions into one 
-Fix T54274, and rename option --window-borderless to --window-fullscreen 
-Cleanup: long lines 
-Cycles: add roughness baking support, using squared roughness convention. 
-Cycles: switch to squared roughness convention for all nodes. 
-Code cleanup: fix compiler warning. 
-Fix T54279: viewport update bug with volume meshes. 
-Code refactor: reduce number of loops over meshes. 
-Fix T54278: volume artifacts with small density and color after recent changes. 
-Fix T54269: saved EXR file files unreadable some editors in Blender. 
-Code cleanup: use spaces for aligned indentation. 
-Cycles: support arbitrary number of motion blur steps for objects. 
-Cycles: support arbitrary number of motion blur steps for cameras. 
-Code refactor: motion blur cleanups, preparing for next commit. 
-Code refactor: don't expose UpdateObjectTransformState in header. 
-Code refactor: make Transform always affine, dropping last row. 
-Code refactor: add DecomposedTransform. 
-Code refactor: add ProjectionTransform separate from regular Transform. 
-Code refactor: avoid motion transform copy, remove unused curved code. 
-Code refactor: use KernelShader and KernelParticle instead of float arrays. 
-Code refactor: use KernelLight instead of float4 arrays. 
-Code refactor: use KernelOject struct instead of float4 array. 
-Don't add "Report a Bug" button for official tracker to non-official add-ons 
-Fix Pose Lib: pose is applied when selected bones don't overlap with pose 
-FFmpeg: Add regression tests 
-Fix T53857: Incorrect framerate for videos imported from OBS 
-Cleanup: Rename view3d context set function 
-Cleanup: use edit/active objects from view context 
-Cleanup: set the view-context once 
-Cleanup: Use BKE_ prefix for all public functions exposed by the NLA module 
-T54233: NLA "Push Down" discards Blend Mode, Extrapolation, and Influence 
-Fix crash if NLA strip with "Use Animated Influence" setting is enabled without the Influence Strip F-Curve existing 
-Cleanup: Fix invalid name prefix 
-Fix T54206: bevel and inset operations repeat did not remember offset. 
-EditMesh: pass object data to notifiers 
-Cleanup: edit-mode undo API 
-Cycles: Fix crash when building with no shading systems 
-Cycles: Cleanup, indentation 
-Cleanup: unused var 
-Utility to enter sculpt mode 
-Fix T54234, add BLENDER_VERSION_CHAR to .plist 
-Fix T53206: Array modifier doesn't merge vgroups 
-Sequencer: Expose read-only FPS property for movie-type strips 
-Fix T54204: Wrong selection on Clean Tracks (Motion Tracking) 
-Fix T54225: Blur node stopped working when Map Range was fed with image 
-Cleanup: left wrong comment in 
-Fix T53478, T53430: Sequencer cut edge case fails 
-Revert "Fix T53430: Cut at the strip end fails w/ endstill" 
-Error passing context arg to marker menu 
-Fix LLVM/OSL library detection on macOS to prefer own OSL libraries. 
-Fix Clang compiler detection on macOS. 
-Fix T54211: OpenGL debug error message in texture draw mode. 
-Fix T54202: Cycles crash rendering empty mesh volume after recent optimization. 
-Fix Cycle standalone build. 
-Depsgraph: Fix dependency cycle when ID prop drives ID property 
-Depsgraph: Silence obviously noisy relations build errors 
-Depsgraph: Cleanup, use dedicated function to ensure node exists 
-Depsgraph: Cleanup, function return value 
-Depsgraph: Fix cycle detector to handle closed loops 
-Cleanup: Avoid double semi-colon 
-Tests: Avoid access globals from abstract base class 
-Cycles: Fix building of OpenCL kernels after volume optimization commit 
-Maintain scaling ratio of non-free axes in Maintain Volume T48079 fix. 
-Object Mode: move logic to 'object_modes.c' 
-FCurve: only calculate single axis length 
-Fix building w/o Python 
-Discard non-free axis scaling in Maintain Volume to improve 2.79 compat. 
-Python tests: Split re-usable test related functionality to a module 
-Refactor: Merge non-functional-change part of 'edit normals' 2017 GSoC. 
-Cycles volume: fast empty space optimization by generating a tight mesh around the volume. 
-GPU_select: remove unused finalize function 
-Cycles: don't count volume boundaries as transparent bounces. 
-Cycles: change principled BSDF default distribution and SSS. 
-Cycles: principled absorption color now has more effect at lower values. 
-Fix T52685, part II: Add option to strip numbers from flipped bone names again. 
-Fix T52685: Flip names for bones its not working. 
-Radial control: Skip operator properties from being saved 
-Collada: Make EvaluationContext const as its only used for reading here 
-collada: call from operator to Collada exporter/importer now uses structures instead of passing many parameters 
-Collada: Moved structure definitions for export settings to the exportSettings.h Also make typedefs for import/export structures. 
-De-duplicate tool settings copy and make tool settings freeing reusable 
-Null pointer check exiting sculpt mode 
-Update CUEW to latest version 
-Code cleanup: fix a few compiler warnings. 
-Cleanup: comment for depth picking code, const args 
-Cleanup: use 'uint' for GPU_select 
-Code cleanup: refactor Cycles image metadata retrieval to use a struct. 
-Collada: Added tests for Animation export 
-Collada: Remove obsolete code 
-fix: Collada Matrixdata Importer tried to fix rotations where nothing was to fix. The matrixdata import is now only doing a matrix decompose and then pplies the decomposed values to 3 trans-, 3 scale- and 4 rot-curves) 
-Collada: removed unnecessary dup[licate matrix conversion in matrix data exporter 
-Collada exporter: Replaced numbers 0/1 by boolean values fasle/true for better reading 
-Collada Shape key export can create huge datafiles and may need some optimization. Disable export by default, user can still enable on demand 
-Collada enable Export of animation data by default 
-Cleanup: remove unused duplicate code 
-Collada: Remove unused vector of flaot[4][4] values 
-Collada: Use floating point version of abs() 
-GPU_select: correction to select-pick-finalize 
-GPU_select: utility function to finalize selection 
-Fix T54106: Save blend ignores 'check_existing' 
-Collada: removed unused variables. fixed incompatible format in console output (AnimationExporter.cpp) 
-simplified collada integration in Blender. made functions mostly similar with blender2.8 
-Adding support for Matrix Transformation export 
-collada: fix typo in if statement 
-as discussed on IRC this definition seems to be not necessary 
-optimized the output of the collada test script for better reading 
-Cleanup: typos 
-Revert "changing collada parameters" 
-Presets: remove double underscore in preset names 
-Fix T54029: Wrong preset name display in win32 
-Cleanup: use function for clearing bmesh tags 
-Fix T50132: UV sticky mode is not respected with border/circle/lasso select. 
-Fix incorrect text clipping on node link button in material properties. 
-Fix Player tm, a lifes job 
-changing collada parameters 
-Fix a whitespace slipped in 
-Fix Plyer tm 
-T45687: Rework the Export/Import of Animations 
-Smoke: expose empty space clipping property to the UI. 
-OpenVDB : use underscores instead of spaces in grid names.


(English is not my native language) #532

Thanks Jens! I was suffering a lot trying to make a build usable for others.
I’m going to edit my message and point to your build.

(zebus3d) #533

I have tried to compile a build in order to share it but I have not been successful. If someone makes it and can do a tutorial. Thank you.

(actualmattjones) #534

I just built 3 copies of blender using the Mantaflow branch this week (First on Mac High Sierra, then on GalliumOS, then on Ubuntu 17.10). I wrote a guide to hopefully help others build their own copies as well. Let me know if you have any questions! Also, @sebbas was a tremendous help on Twitter.

(sus_unn) #535

Sorry, this might be repetitive question, but is there plan of merging mantaflow branch to master? Are devs interested in this?

(zebus3d) #536

Yes, if I compile it, the problem is that I am not able to do independent builds to share them. But thanks anyway.

(English is not my native language) #537

I’m not sure if I understood you. You see “jensverwiebe” message above, he is the master at creating blender portable builds for linux :slight_smile: . In that message there is embedded the link to download latest portable build.

(jensverwiebe) #538

I changed the representation to be plain for the maininfo now, so ppl can see better the url.
The old forum sw always truncated the hash, thus i had to use a codeblock. Now i only do this
for the changelog.

Should be much more readable.


(pierite) #539

Hi guys,
I tried to compile the branch for Win64. Here is the file : https://www.dropbox.com/s/r3sip9cakvq094w/Blender-Mantaflow-Branch.zip?dl=0
I hope you can try it !


hi pierite,

thanks for the build!!!

(jonathandone) #541

Cheers for building a windows version, Cool how you can now pause the sim calculation