Lets talk about Mantaflow

(zebus3d) #603

Other test

(juancarlosgzrz) #604

You are testing 2.8 uh?

(esimacio) #605

hi folks, I am trying to make a build with mantflow in blender 2.8 but getteing a error at the end:
" LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file ‘C:\blender-git\blender…\lib\win64_vc14\boost\lib\libboost_date_time-vc140-mt-s-1_60.lib’ [C:\blender-git\build_windows_Release_x64_vc15_Release\source\blenderplayer\blenderplayer.vcxproj]"

Might be the wrong forum, if so I am sorry for that.

(Chris Roper) #606

Im trying to use mantaflow to simulate different civil engineering scenarios but i cant seem to work out how to change the velocity and its direction, such that i could have liquid come out the side of a cube.
Any help would be appreciated

(esimacio) #607

Hi Chris, I am far from any expert, but I think you control the velocity under “Initial Volocity” in you flow object.
The Initial X, Y and Z is the speed in specific direction. Set the type to Flow, Flow type to Liquid and Flow behavior to inflow. Uncheck the gravity under the scene tab. Then you can control the gravity under fluid domain object. Sorry for my bad explenation. that is one way, you could also use guiding.

(BlackRainbow) #608

i’m trying to use mantaflow (2.8). While i have no problem with simulations and cache. I still cant render (f12) the mesh. it just renders the domain box. Viewport render works fine. In solid view, mesh is displayed as outline only. There are many mantaflows simulations rendered on youtube, i’m just wondering hod did they rendered it… Am i doing something wrong, some workflow tips, i should consider?

(Joel_nl) #609

Any news on the patch review for mantaflow integration?


@Joel_nl It’s said to happen after the 2.8 release.

(nikko) #611

Any tutorial on how to make the liquid take the form of an object?

(fin.eskimo) #612

Probably better off looking at the Fracture Modifier branch Remesher feature… there is a ‘Control’ object in the current fluid sim… it a loooong bake if I remember correctly…

(zeauro) #613

Control object is not particular to Fracture modifier branch. It is present in official 2.79 release and 2.8 master builds.
It takes long because it requires to create particles inside the object to attract the fluid.

The easiest way is to set most basic simulation of an object becoming a fluid, to render it and then, to reverse its playback in final video.

But for mantaflow, that is complicated. You have to try to control particles movement by using effectors.
Set-up to adopt depends a lot to what is the shape and the size of the object.
That cost time and efforts to obtain such result with an experimental branch.
So, probably, nobody did such tutorial.
You should not find lots of tutorials for regular control object of elbeem simulation for same reason.

(fin.eskimo) #614

Yup as I said…

(zeauro) #615

During a short period, there was a temporary 2.8 mantaflow branch. But it disappeared before I tried to compile it. So, build available on graphicall are windows only.
I don’t know if it works correctly.
Sebbas split its work into a dozen of patches for review. Probably easier to read but not to compile.
So, I did not try it.
It looks like official dev in chagre of review is Bastien Montagne. He is also in charge of overrides that was postponed to 2.81. So, yes, it may take time.

If you deactivate FLIP particles display, you should see mesh.

You said viewport render works. It may be that.
Mantaflow mesh cache may be baked as .bobj files used by regular fluid simulation cache or as .obj files. When simulation is done, it can be rendered by any software able to import .obj.
Any regular blender can add a regular fluid modifier to an object in order to read a mantaflow mesh cache.