Let's talk about the current development state of OpenPose for tracking a full body mesh

Hello to everyone.

Recently I have installed the OpenPose library and the addon for Blender because I wanted to detect and track the head and the body movements of a human figure placed inside a video file so that a full 3d body mesh rigged in Blender 2.81 can mimic its movements. It partially worked with Windows 10. I have tried to install it on Linux,but at a certain point I should have recompiled Blender to enable a lot of features but I wasn’t able to do that :

If you want to give a look,below you can find the addon with the detailed instructions to make it work on Linux :

Instead the instructions for Windows are more messed up. I’ve investigated how stable is the current developement of the addon and I must say that in my case it didn’t work and below you can see why.
As soon as I click on “start openpose” this is what happens.

I’m not sure about the reasons. Maybe it worked better in Linux. As soon as I have installed it,the main code of the addon (the file openpose_wrapper.py) it wasn’t able to recognize my camera,so I have modified it a little bit. Maybe the modifications that I did have broken the functionability. Inside the archive there is a rigged face to play with,but not the armature or the mesh of the full body. But on the repository I found a deleted commit with one armature. I tried to track the human figure with that armature,but it didn’t work : it won’t move. Don’t know why.

Anyway,on the blender preferences,I can read that it is able to detect and track also the body.

I would like to know if someone is interested to give a look at it. Or better if someone wants to understand why it does not work and wants to make it work. Thanks.