Let's talk CFL

As I write this, Saskatchewan just won a close game against Calgary, while Winnipeg beat Montreal earlier today. Any Canadians out there who’re interested in football this season?

Football ? What’s that?

Do you mean this football
Or this ‘other’ ball
If it’s the other ball can you call it Soccer to help us poor confused Americans:)

he is talking about the first one, football is the same in Canada as it is in the US

about the original topic, i don’t really watch it that much, but i’m cheering for Toronto, they did awesome this year

CFL = Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb to me

No, he’s talking about Canadian Football, which is not the same as American footbal :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, pity about all the different forms of Rugby football in the world. Would’ve been cool to have had one form for the world to play and watch and cheer. Ie: South Africa just won the Rugby World Cup, but few people in the northern hemisphere know about it. Oh, and we beat Canada along the way :slight_smile:

Ok, I will now butt out of this thread, since I really know nothing about Canadian Football.

thats not football that is rugby the number two is called football in most of the world

canadian football is almost the same as american football, there is some different rules and stuff, and its a different league, but it is pretty much the same. And they should really stick with the same names around the world, it can get confusing sometimes, especially if you don’t know where somebody is from

dont forget teh fact that canada sucks horrible at it, im not bashin on canada cus they could own america in hockey anyday

hey come on:mad:
nah i’m kidding:D thats pretty true:o.

i don’t really care about football anyways I just cheer for the teams close to me (even if i hate the sport). Hockey is my favourite sport. Good thing we have hockey too, because internationally we don’t win much of anything unless it has to do with hockey

The second one is football not just all over the world but also in practice – just think of the way the ball is carried across the field honors the term. The American version, which I can also appreciate, rather looks like handball with tackling and some interesting tactical twists.

I have an Aussie friend that thinks that neither of these two is the real football, though. Do they have an XFL of sorts there, I wonder?

ya technically soccer(for me, football for mostly everyone else) does make more sense to be called football, since you primarily (other than your head) use your feet to move the ball. In Canadian/American football you only use your foot for like field kicks, your hands are used way more. Naming put aside, is anyone watching any of it? (back to the original topic)
All i can say about it is go Argos!