Lets talk LINUX

now that i’ll be building a new pc soon. I’m really cinsidering using linux as my primary os atleast for a while. then i will get win7 on a second hdd mainly for games and 3d/video editing.

so far linux is a secondary OS. a poor mans osx if you will:p and with kde/gnome and sites like deviantart and star dock you can certainly customize the gui to look just like osx and even better thanks to desktop shells.

I have three plans that would push linux over the top and gain some serious ground and market share…

1- I think linux really needs a main core version that people get. where people look at the back of the box and say hey that looks like win7 or osx but cooler! seems like it’s ubuntu but i like open suse better. opensuse just has a much better presentaion imHo. I also like the little green lizard :eyebrowlift: it has a nice clean website feel, retail box and manual. very clean and professional. I also think this main version of linux be it ubuntu or suse should market as a standalone OS that dose not run off your current os. makes it look more like a piece of software and not a full OS. They should market it as a pure OS that requires you to install on your OS-less hdd. I think if suse or ubuntu sold as a nice boxed retail version(no live cd stuff) on shelfs at places like compusa, staples, officemax etc. for about $20. in a small but growing linux software section next to the windows and mac sections.

2- Software baby! exclusive software. office, entertainment and digital developer software. work, play,developer. that’s the the key. more retail office software. not just open office but other apps that make linux a strong corporate computing alternative.

next is entertainment software. there need to be many retail apps for games, media center tools and content such as itunes, netflix and so on. and finally more content editing/creation tools like adobe software and video editing and 3d creation apps.

What linux needs isa AAA exclusive next gen opengl 3.0 game. not a port but i game that is only available on linux. linux needs doom4 and rage.
in the mean time I recommend these games
http://2dboy.com/games.php sort of like little big planet. received indie game fest design award.

http://www.frictionalgames.com/site/ check out this site for penumbra and amnesia survival horror/thriller games. verry cool.

3- and lastly I think suse needs to advertise. I think it would be cool if they started a advertising campaign to counter the mac vs pc adds. :yes: “I’m a linux” adds would work. a pc, mac and linux guy all in the same room. now that would be interesting.

What’s wrong with being ‘the poor man’s osx’?

Historically, Linux has always been a “stand alone” OS. The fact that it comes prepackaged with dual boot options just should be seen as an extra which just demonstrates its flexibility.

“Software baby” is a key reason you have so many distros. They are all Linux, just repackaged to suit target markets. Some proprietary apps play nasty in terms of whether they allow themselves to be used on a Linux market. Blender goes on Linux which makes me 90% happy at least.

As far as entertainment software goes, there is some (Unreal Tournament and a few other big names have had Linux installers out of the box) but what you’re faced with here is a market where the store owners who sell computers are tied down to promoting only Windows OS (or lose various “special” advantages). When you go to them foe games, it’s a no brainer on what their games are going to work for. Check out “Why Windows 7 is better than Linux” : http://quaoar.ww7.be/ms_fud_of_the_year/569458-microsoft-attack-linux-retail-level-probably.html

Do you know of www.happypenguin.org?

If my linux looked like OSX, I would cry :’(

also nothing is stronger in a corperate setting then Linux.
also if you want to see Boxed Linux in stores go make some boxes and sell it.
also that would be bad for the enviroment.
also advertising is a waste of money.

Lol. Novell has already made some commercials like that. Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEYot8voTDM. Just remember, Linux is a girl. :yes:

Also I agree that there should be more “Linux exclusives”. I don’t think the solution is pumping huge amounts of money into advertising, I think it’s more convincing developers that linux is a viable platform for development. They also need some reassurance that their company secrets wont get cracked by a bunch of curious penguins.

I think people still see linux as an OS for big companies nerds. People probably just need to spread the word and admit that “I use linux”. I also think linux needs to be more inviting to new, non computer savvy people. Ubuntu is good at this and is quite auto configurable. For suse, on the other hand, you have to install a repository or compile a driver to get your graphics card running, a daunting task if you only know how to use word. I think if the autoconfig problem can be solved, linux will start branching out. Face it, most penguins like to tinker and so some of this configuration stuff isn’t seen as a difficult thing for them.

Another problem is that Microsoft has so many deals with hardware manufacturers to market their OS. Linux need a more Apple like approach and start selling linux exclusive PCs (of course many of the companies that have tried this have gone under. Ever head of a tux book?)

Just remember, linux was build by people, for people with very few programmers bing payed to do it. Linux is full of TLC. :yes: Try saying that about Windows or OSX.

This is just my two cents (or three, of four)

Wow, that is downright scary.


  • Ubuntu has assumed that role. Your opinions about OpenSuse won’t change that.
  • You’re basically trying to convert Linux into something that resembles Windows. That’s pointless: the whole “open source” economy is based on support, not software as a product. If you want to sell software, in a market that is willing to pay for it, use Windows/OSX -> that’s what those systems are for.
  • There are already many linux commercials (google linux commercials), I don’t think we need more. I mean, if there was more money to spend, I would suggest giving it to the developers, so that they could dedicate more of their time to kernel development.

Lastly, we must remember: Linux is not for everyone.

linux is best for blending, lets keep in mind that blender was made on a linux (im pretty sure of, cus everything usually is. lol)

Install it, use it, live with it, rip it apart, then take it or leave it.

Personally I think everything you said in your post is naive bollocks, sorry you just don’t get it.

It’s a tool like any other, if it don’t work for you don’t use it. Simple.

re ‘Market Share’, Linux is everywhere from the web, a cray supercomputer, a set top box, a Pixar, ILM or Sony Imageworks render node, on VFX workstations in major effects houses running, Nuke, Maya, Shake, Flame whatever. Sure so is windows and Mac.

Market share wtf?, pointless discussion about best OS, desktop widgets, osx gui, play the latest time wasting games, bollocks to that. :slight_smile:

Why do you want to use it as your primary OS? Because your peers do, because you think it’s cool?

Hope it turns out all right for you. :slight_smile: But honestly just take it or leave it. :slight_smile:

double post

This has the possibility of turning into a big debate. I’ve never seen opinion unified on the whole Linux vs Windows vs MacOS on any forum, internet or real.

Personally I use linux and xp dual boot, and blender runs nicely in both environments. (Probably a bit quicker under linux, though W7 may prove better than xp on that side.) I like linux because of it’s well featured and frankly nicer looking desktop. I run XP for games and a few other tasks that can’t be done as well under linux (like managing music/my ipod).

Yellow makes a good point that linux already has a massive market share. Just not necessarily on the home or standard business desktop.

I would like to see an ‘A’ rated game exclusive to linux, or even launched for windows and linux. I doubt it’ll happen though, because studios know that linux doesn’t have the market share within their demographic, so won’t waste the money developing it.

As far as I think: The best thing about linux is the diversity and speed of development that comes from open source. This is also its downside though, as it keeps linux fragmented and unmarketed. To ever compete with Windows (on the desktop) linux would need to become more like it.

the first blender was made for IRIX, not linux… blender is now being developed on many different platforms depending on the developer’s preference…

@yellow it’s always black&white with you people:no: no I do get linux actually. have for some time. I think you take a over simplified approach. some people like competition. some prefer linux and would like to see more apps available for it.

it’s not about the best os. it’s about a viable alternative. I don’t want linux to become or emulate window/osx. i want it to do something entirely different. that’s why the distros that look like a windows clone are a turn-off to me.

yes linux is everywhere. science labs, high-end graphics workstations at pixar, sony, disney, dreamworks, nasa, medical and large corporate servers etc. but i think it would be good to have more desktop apps available. I don’t want it to become windows.I want it to grow and expand it’s user base. anyone who dsen’t want the linux software lineup to grow is in the minority imo. and whats’ this coment of yours about games? :mad: what are you some kind of racist game hating bigot? you are not only a minority there but you are a dieing breed LOL.

Why do i want linux as my primary OS. I don’t. ofcourse i plan to get win7 in near future(crysis 3, rage, doom4,photoshop,dx11) i would simply like to see linux grow. do i like linux becasue i think it’s cool? sure. also because I’m a fan of good solid OS’s. do I like it becasue my peers use it? no. i like it becasue it’s the punk rock of OS’s:eyebrowlift2: I love the underdog. also it seems like a really good 64bit OS. Windows is top 40 greatest hits, osx is the latest pop music trend and linux is a hardcore garage punk band:ba: …mr T is so punk! LOL

This thread is so embarrassing.

Pardon? I think you meant to say “zealous”… not “racist”.

… just prior to misusing the word “racist”, that sounds funny. :smiley:

…not on my computers it isn’t. (underdog, I mean)

There have been though… what about the Unreal Tournament versions which came with Linux installs out of the box? There are others but yes, I agree it would be good if there were a much bigger proportion on store shelves. Aside from what I mentioned before with stores having incentive to work against Linux (changing at last though?), I think different distros creates a problem here, as does the dependency tree (I am skeptical whether the new Blender is going to work on my older Ubuntu… probably clash with FFMPEG libs)

What is the point using Linux. Everything is made for windows. Linux will never beat windows and mac. And what is the reason to switch to linux really? What has it that windows and mac hasn’t got? More customizable…not much to come with… :RocknRoll:

The ability to set up a tonne of old computers as a renderfarm without paying royalties on a per computer basis. (You have to have bought Windows for every machine).

So it’s free…if I got the money for windows and mac? Should I still choose linux?

A security architecture that actually works.

I know.

The problem I have with Linux, is that when I get stuck, I am dead in the water. I feel like the vendors of my sound, video and network cards treat Linux users like second class citizens. I don’t understand how to get some drivers to work so I end up deleting the OS because it is wasting disk space. I don’t understand why all Linux drivers don’t have installers? That was one thing that Microsoft did great with Windows 95, set the bar for how a driver installer should work. I often find the Linux forums are filled with people (who are nice to noobies) but do not remember how difficult it really is just for a noobie to even locate the console. Some call it console, some call it terminal.

There is a steep learning curve with Linux commands. All I want to do is use Blender. Blender is the same on all OS’s so I don’t see the attraction at spending my time on the OS rather than Blender.

But there is a bug in Yafaray mesh lights that causes Yafaray to crash on windows, yet it works on Linux. So I decided to try again.

I went for the Animux install, it has been touted as being the animators Linux. And while the install went OK and I have a desktop, I still am stuck getting Yafaray to work. I can right-click on the desktop and I see Yafaray is installed. I can Launch Blender but there is no Yafaray GUI python script. So I am truly dead in the water again. I searched around the disk a bit, trying to locate the script, but no luck.

So what did I get for my time? A Blender 2.48 that can not communicate with Yafaray. I have tried Linux more than 10 times (all kinds of flavors too) and I still end up at a dead end. I am considering, once again, deleting it from my disk.

You should use whatever you want to use…free will and all that.

The only reason to start a thread like this is to either;

  • Bait trolls
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