Lets talk Turkey

I have not given up on my post “uprooted” but I was distracted by working on this turkey. I am showing a friend how to use blender and after several weeks of showing him the ropes I decided to challenge him at making something on his own and something organic (I find it good to learn organic modeling early). So we set off making turkeys. Mine was plain at first but once he had left and all I decided to not waste the model. I made it a project and now would like some crit on perfecting it. :smiley:


I love it, love the style but whats it got in it’s mouth?

Also, could we see a wire?

this cracks me up, man. love to see him animated… maybe by thanksgiving?

I would render some sort of a “feathers” bump map for the body to get rid of it being so smooth.

Looks good. :slight_smile:

  • Clean3d

:smiley: Glad you all like it. I will be hopefully posting a wireframe later today and will also raise the nor of my bumpmap as suggested, I find it rather smooth also. Any other sugestions from anyone? I thought about the animation and I may do that, and yes, before thanksgiving, lol. Thank you everyone, I will post back soon!

the feathers on the body are very stretched, i would unrap that part, but apart from that and the formentioned bump map, great