Let's try it...

(YAYA) #1

Hi, this is my first post on the forum, I’d like to show you my
guitar (ok, ok, the guitar "I’d like to have) :-?

(BgDM) #2

Nice job there YAYA!

Welcome to the forums as well!


(IamInnocent) #3


More complex and maybe precise than the average. Excellent texturing.

(rogerm3d) #4

Looking nice YAYA. Put it on a stool in a room :o
And uh yea welcome to the forums and the joy/frustration of blender.
Wanna see more. Blend on

(S68) #5

Uhu :o

pretty cool!

Blend on


(hannibar) #6

That’s pretty cool, very detailed.
One suggestion : Try applying a specular map. The spec looks way to uniform to be realistic.

(rixtr66) #7

thats some nice modelling!the detail is really good.
add an env for the body and chrome hardware and this would be
photo real!
gibson rocks!