Let's write some tooltips! [It's done- Thanks!]

I wrote the tooltips for procedural textures and their noise basis. In the noise basis algorithms there are six different Voronoi entries, they all have a different code (the F-numbers) and I couldn’t figure out what that code means.

In the tooltips I called them Voronoi ‘variants’ but I would like to include the actual meaning in the tip. I think the F stands for fractal and the number for the number of iterations. That would mean that for ‘Voronoi F2’ the Voronoi algorithm is applied to the cells of the outcome of ‘Voronoi F1’.
I’m only guessing here and there’s not really much information on what the meaning could be.

Does anybody here knows the technical background of the Voronoi noise in Blender?

Thanks everyone! The patch is in trunk as of r36704. :smiley: Couldn’t have done it without you guys.


dsavi great job :). but forgot one: in the Object Tool (or toolshelf) is missing “Duplicate Object”

Said this to you on IRC already but I’ll repeat it here so everyone can see: Not all were possible to do. There were some technical issues that I don’t fully understand, but I know that they would have taken more time than was worth it (And more time than I had :)).

Hey all tooltip wrtiters,

Can anybody explain (like I’m a five year old) what this tooltip writing is about, how you do it and what the use would be. I think this would be a very good way into the blender source code, but I cannot find anybody to explain.


when you hover the mouse over a parameter / slider a tooltip pops up after half a second. The tooltip contains information about what the parameter does.

rings a bell, but how can you write these in the source code??

THe Game Engine properties “type” is missing a tooltip

If there’s a tooltip on the list that isn’t in Blender, it’s either because nobody wrote a tooltip or because there were complications with putting the tooltip in the code.

EDIT: OH, this is probably not ghe good thread , admin, could you move it and leave a comment where it is?

I am compiling Blender very often … and just found http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:2.5/Source/Architecture/RNA/ExampleCode

But as a newbie to do something in source oneself I would like to have THAT example really running in a newly compiled Blender.

Step 1 (clear!) copy the code into a file, say RNAexample.c
Step 2 (for mingw and cmake) where should this file ‘live’ (e.g. …/blender/makesrna/ ?)
Step 3 Are there changes needed in CMakeLists.txt and if so, wich ones?
Step 4 I would like to see the result of “void print_mesh_information(Mesh *me)”, where could. it e.g. ‘included’ ???

Step X compile a new Blender (mingw32-make install)
Step Y start Blender and … what is needed to call it and see the result in a console?

Though this is probably what is needed, the in between steps are for a newbie very difficult …
(this raw scheme I got from blendercoders, at least in principle :slight_smile: )

Who knows any step (ar even all?) and describes them for me (us?!)

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