i just have finished my letter. it is mainly a photoshop training for me because i had to made 4 textures.

here it is:

have u never painted textures before? its really quite useful
look at the piece of paper in this pic


i painted that

Edit: good job the rock texture needs to be more rough. use a very slight displacement map. Use it with a blender procedural like CLOUDS.
(displacement map is in the texture panel in the material subcontext. the button is DISP) :wink:

I remember doing that tute in Lightwave. Good job here, especially for your first time painting textures.

The paper texture needs some more layers to make it look older and more worn. Also, if I recall correctly, that tute had some armature stuff in it to make the paper look like it was folded a bit, etc.


you can get really good effect with a simple scanner. in one pass you get all details. just a litle nor map for the fiber and the tranlucence. apply it to a grid and add some ply.in fact my scanner gave me some good result in the past.

first: i didnt make the rock texture. i used it only as an underground. the only textures that i made are the letter textures.

i followed a tutorial a bit. it was indead for lightwave. and it used bones but i dont know how i can make it look good. i just get ridges.

you will probably see more things like this because i want to learn how i can make good textures with photoshop. (if you know good ones please post the link. i can use them.)

Texturing tutes:

  1. http://bgdm0.tripod.com/TextureTute/Texture_Tute.htm (One I made :smiley: )

  2. http://www.3dtotal.com/team/Tutorials/dr_julians_texturing/dr_julians_texturing_01.asp (Great skin painting tute. Use all the time for reference)


great. i already found some good ones at 3dtotal.com and your tutorial looks good.

It’s a good concept. I like the style, but it appears to have a typo:

"...possible that I use that I can use..."

Perhaps “possible for me to use” would work.

Good so far though.

i had to type something. but its changed in the next version :wink: .

This would look good with a quil and ink well.

made an update:


It looks cool but the creases are too big. mabye make them a little bit smaller. Also, there is a little bit too much “grain”. Turn that down and it’ll look pretty good.

I agree, shrink the creases unless it’s really thick paper, other then that it’s good work.

this forum should be changed to “Mayby finished project”.

Or “I did this in one hour and calling it a finished project”.

I´ve noticed a horiable thing in elysiun forums. Its to much of to little in the finished project forum.

A piece of paper is not finished in any way. A plane with a textue and alpha channel.

Come on. :<

Now look in google how those letters look like. Then repaint the whole thing. Add some lights/shadows and better ground texture. Right now it looks like render from the early 90s.

it was my first try at photoshop texturing. after the c&c i got i made some changes. and i feel it is and was finished.

about the grain. its in the texture and if i turn on osa the letter becomes smooth. i like the way it looks now.

you should give c&c on the texture. not on the simple scene.

I did. :-?

sorry. i was a bit pissed off because some people are complaining about the finished part of this work. its the second time i had this complains about if my work is finished.

its realy finished.