Letterbox or no Letterbox - Short Film

Hey guys,
I’m wondering if I should have letterbox view or not for my short film?
I noticed two short films made with Blender (Sintel and Caminandes).
One has letterbox view and the other has full view.
Which one do you prefer?

Since it is YOUR film, isn’t it more important to say which one YOU prefer. Something you didn’t actually mention.

The Caminandes image has an aspect ratio of 16:9 (1.77:1), whereas that Sintel image is 2.35:1 in a 16:9 frame.

Adding the letterbox is just wasting pixels, but may be necessary if your distribution format (eg DVD or Blu-Ray) requires a different aspect ratio and you want to preserve the source aspect ratio. But you can do this when you’re encoding to those formats and keep your source at its intended aspect ratio.

Unless you want to add it in for dubious artistic reasons, ie “movie look”.

Ok thanks. I’ll stick with the full screen view.