Leukocytes (White Blood Cells)

I’ve been thinking for a while of trying to combine my day job in biology with my Blendering, so I thought I’d try my hand at some biological renders. Everyone else always does red blood cells so I thought I’d give their less glamorous cousins the leukocytes a bit of the spotlight. The image is an adaptation from an old university textbook of mine.


Very good. and I mean film-grade good…

Why is it so blurred? you’d something to be in focus

Thanks, shul. The image is supposed to resemble an electron microscope image which always has very shallow depth of field. You’re right though, the elements in-focus could be a bit sharper.

I love it! I know it would be a daunting task but an animation of a white blood cell phagocytizing a bacteria or even an infected cell would be really cool. I am sure it would be hard to try to show the alien cell getting dragged into the white blood cell and then once there chemically destroyed.

Whoah, that looks good. :o Why not show off your hard work a little more by reducing the blur a little bit?

trying to combine my day job in biology with my Blendering

That’s wierd because I’ve always been interested in micorobiology etc. as a career and I was also wondering how I could combine it with 3d. If you worked on it you could possibly make a career out of it making medical images and things like that.

nice work flippyneck. There’s lots of scope for using 3d in biology. You may be interested in this thread by Ulli


I Don’t know much of biology,but I know a good image when I see it.
I like it with the blur.

Why is the image out of focus?

Good work, looks abstract too.
not much more to say really… :smiley: