Level assembly Kit

Having some trouble thinking about the python to use this kit to generate interesting looking sci-fi buildings/Dungeons.

To make sure that hallways are 4 units apart, you can give each component a constant or variable (as in C++) that determines its footprint size and shape – in this case, add 4 units to its real dimensions. Now you can just make sure that the footprints of each component don’t overlap by comparing the areas they cover.

just about ready to try real 3d kit pieces :smiley:


Still more work to do for sure, but it sure is nice to see it all together.

That’s pretty cool, nice coding


here it is
in Vanilla - BGE ~ 15ms rasterizer
and in UPBGE ~ 4ms

yay instancing!
static draw call batching is coming soon I guess as well


I think for testing the ‘Grab item mesh’ needs to go away and come back (it’s in the way of the buttons)

so I think I will add that tomorrow

for objects in own.scene.objects:
   if 'UUID' in objects:
       P = objects.worldPosition
       R = objects.worldOrientation.to_euler()
       for child in objects.children: