level controlls...

i am making a mini-game where you guide a heavy ball to land on a catapult to launch a small ball into a target. what i am trying to figure out is, when i beat the level, another screen pops up that says SCORE! is there any way to put that on a timer or something so that a couple seconds after that pops up, i can go to a new level? and also, when i lose, i want to use RKEY to restart, but when i set it for that, it doesnt respond. heres the .blend
(i’ll add how you have to guide the ball later.)
left-move left
right-move right
space-slow down/go up

Forgot to pack textures.

Restarting the scene works, just add another actuator to remove the overlay scene.

For a timer, just use some properties, like a always sensor connected to a property actuator to add by 1, and then have another property sensor say to do something when it reaches a certain number.

For additional levels, just put each one in a new scene, and have them go according from scene to scene, as you beat the levels (set scene actuator).

thanks, that was exactly what i was looking for.