Level Design Competition

Start Date: June 1st
End Date: June 28th at midnight (Eastern Time)
Length: 4 Weeks

EDIT: Competition has been extended from the 21st to the 28th.

No prizes, just bragging rights :slight_smile:

Theme: Steampunk
Base File: LevelDesignCompBaseFileV1.2.blend (697 KB)

Description: You have three weeks to create a multiplayer map in blender that is some how related to the theme.


  1. Your map has to incorporate the theme.
  2. You have to use the base file, please rename it after you download.
  3. All models have to be made by you, and copyright free textures must be used. You can definitely use your own texture’s, I would even encourage it.
  4. The playable area of your map has to fit inside a certain size (determined by a cube in the base file).
  5. Submissions must be in on time (June 21st, midnight Eastern Time), I wont count late submissions.
  6. Create a WIP thread labeled with [LDC June 2013] in the “Works in progress and Game Demos” section of the forum, and upload your blend file when your done. I wont count submissions that are in an unlabeled thread.
  7. Have fun, and be creative:).

I may change or add to these rules over the week leading to the competition, but they won’t change after it starts.

Let me know if you have any concerns.

EDIT: I removed the rule about filters, and clarified some of the other details of the competition.

I am in, :smiley:

Can we all get a notification?
the temporall part of my mind is full of pudding…

That sucks! I would like the “feel”, style and ambient of the map should be part of the competition!

Would this rule forbid shaders and special materials as well?

^ Just the filters, materials are fine, as is shader nodes

BPR - I’ll be posting the theme and the base file at the start of the competition so if you subscribe to the thread then you’ll be reminded:)

Ok, but I will break rule number 4! :RocknRoll:

Nice! I’ll be joining this one. I’m still thinking about the theme… :slight_smile:

yep still a whole week to suggest themes;)
Also depending on the amount of protest I could probably eliminate rule 4.

The only thing I don’t like is the type of map, deathmatch. DM maps mostly don’t have any flow to it, maybe consider Team DM or CTF or something else team based.

But I am in.

DM is good for its Simplitude in Idea and Gameplay but Complexity in Architecture. Team-DM would be the same Kind of Map but with just slightly different Gameplay – so it is DM. And CTF has too much Flow because it tends to be of a Hose where Players run in one or another Direction, so the Complexity in Architexture is not as likely.
A DM Map is thus a good Match, I’d say.

Rule 4 should rather be modified: Filters allowed but they shan’t be judged if it is Stuff like Bloom, SSAO etc. …
But if, for Example, one would use a Godray Filter, it would be just as much Part of the Level’s Atmosphere like when the Godrays were alpha-textured Meshes, but maybe more interesting. (Not saying that I ~WILL~ use such if I participate.)

Rule 3 confuses me – because if I participate, I will only use my own Textures. And for that Part, I don’t set up any Copyright Crap – whoever wants to steal my Textures shall do so, but I wouldn’t encourage it because I think that People should do their own Art, thus their own Textures. So I won’t complain if someone uses my Textures, but neither would I slap a Free-to-Use Stamp on them. So technically, they would be my own, but free (yet not encouraged to be used by Others).
(I suppose if I have made a Texture in the Past already, I may use it too, since others seem to be supposed to use already existing Textures too.)

Rule 7: I guess you mean a WIP Thread in the BGE WIP Section. Or did you mean here in this Subforum?

I hope the Theme stands soon. (Steamunk?)

Yes I’ll clarify the rules a bit:

Really you can design the map to be type of multiplayer since if you actually want it your level to be playable you’ll need to add that functionality yourselves. Also keep in mind that there’s going to be a size constraint on the playable area of your map.

Rule 3: I just have this in here so you don’t use copy right textures, feel free to use your own texture.

Rule 4: I guess I’ll just remove this one, because even if I allow partial use of filters, that won’t guarantee people won’t vote for a map just because off the cool effects.

Rule 7: Create a new post in the WIP section of the forum, not here.

Let me know if there’s any other concerns:)

This will force me to start using shaders and nodes and filters…

just looking at what people have done to new vegas, changed the whole feel of the game with a few shaders and environment modifications

Fallout Nv+Project Nevada+ high res texture pack+ Weapon mods expanded + High def weather pack = a toataly different game. (or at least it feels that way :D)

The little details, like the interferance pattern made by waves, bring you into a scene, is that god rays or is that a Uv projection/lighting trick?

Just two more day’s till the start of the competition is everyone ready!?!

31 hours till the start of the competition:)

Sounds like the contest for me

1 hour to the start of the competition!

Its go time! I updated the first post with the theme and the base file. Have fun and be creative!

Banging! Let’s get this party started!

Well, I have started a Level, disliked the Idea, started another, and now a can’t make the Player float up when over a Steampipe – could it have something to do with the Character Physics Type, or with the Script?
(I am going to open a Thread (in the BGE-WIP Section I assume) when I am sure that I am halfway satisfied with what I’m doing.)

Make sure your pipe is lower then the characters step height (can be found in the physics panel). If that’s not a problem try putting an invisible cube over it and using that for collisions.

About the WIP thread, you assumed correctly, as that what it says in the rules:

Create a WIP thread labeled with [LDC June 2013] in the “Works in progress and Game Demos” section of the forum

You can make a WIP thread whenever you want, but the sooner you make one the sooner you can start getting feedback and improving your level.

Silly me, I’ve missed that.
Thanks. It’s a Shame that I can’t activate “Use Material Force Field” with the Character Physics Type, because that wuld be perfect for Steampipe-Hovering. (Hopefully I’ll get it to work. Thanks for the Hints. :slight_smile: )