level design for the unreal engine 4

Realistically re-create the scene for game interaction:


sketch here - https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8AB9z2m-RC1bTBzUlJKUkpfQVU/edit?usp=sharing .

The scene must be demonstrated on the engine Unreal Engine 4 and fully optimized under it. Please quote in the answers from what amount (price) you can work, and your worthy projects.

the result of the project should be not lower than the level of this:


Your images are not working for me ;(

I explained the terms of reference for the first phase.

resul example http://vk.com/albums-44175552?z=phot…hotos-44175552

the first stage, the overall pattern of all buildings on the map:

  • Only use licensed software or free analogues;
  • Must have dimensions;
  • Only the appearance (to give the desired size, dimensions, the main features of the building, storage element, key features of the building - examples pillars, balcony, the distance between the windows, etc.);
  • Models - mesh without sweep and materials;
  • An example of what should be the first stage: http://vk.com/albums-44175552?z=photo-44175552_316116722%2Fphotos-44175552;
  • The multiplicity of dimensions of architectural elements of 30 centimeters (in extreme cases 20, 15, 10);
  • Accuracy should be 1 centimeter (fractions allowed);
  • Must be done in a corner pivot model;
  • Ready dimensional models imported into Unreal - and transmit the results of the import format * .uasset.

please, say your price, and mail me - [email protected]