Level Design repost

(SeaCigar) #1

Dang… absolutely nobody responded to my level modeling request. Well, thats fine though, I wasn’t expecting much (being a pessimist has its advantages) . As a rebuttal, I am simply stating that I will begin with a generic forest scene, and use typical kirby obstacles/ enemies/etc. If anyone happens to have suggestions at this point, go ahead and state them on this topic. Whether or not this is ignored will not matter, as I will delete this when and only when Im done with the level. Some people MIGHT be interested to know the progress of my game… heh, probably not. no big though. :slight_smile:

I realise now that this is a horribly negative post, which served no other purpose than to blow off some steam over some previous frustrations, and that is very immature. So I will state that if there sre others truely interested in contributing to the level design of my game, you can find the details in the realtime forum. I will continue to watch this and the realtime forum, and you should see a more positive outlook from me from now on.

(Ecks) #2

Your first reply…

The problem is that: I could help you but I dont know the physic of your game. I dont know if your kirby will jump 1 meter or 10. so I cant make obstacle. I dont know if you want a level that take 10 minute to finish or 30 sec. So explain me those thing and I will probably help you with your game.

(SeaCigar) #3

Well I appreciate that, X-warrior. To answer your questions about my game, I dont have a static set of physics yet, but that is as simple as changing the numerical values to force, gravity, etc. The one thing I have solidly programmed in is that Kirby walks left, right, and jumps; the core platforming moves. Based on what you, me or others decide to put into the game, I will add that as I get to it. for example, I was showing a friend my program, and he said " I think it would be cool if kirby rolled up into a ball, and peeled out in a burst of speed" needless to say, my friend likes sonic the hedgehog games;) . nonetheless, I will now begin to program a “power roll” mode into kirby, and will make obsacles that require that move to pass. as far as your question on length is concerned, You can make it as large as you think is appropriate, but a good margin would be 2 to 4 minutes in length, to keep from being too short, or too tedious. If one was to send me a level, I would scale it size-wise to suit the size of kirby, or even change his force variables slightly, so that he conforms to the level. Since you would like to know precisely his movements, however, I have sent you the core data for kirby, his size, speed, and jumping height are tentatively set at the standard I want, but like I said, can be subject to change, if necsessary. The file will be in your email, in an attachment, under the name, kirby3(the version of my game, no i’m not copying names too:p). feel free to experiment, and I hope I have answered all your questions. If you contribute, BTW, I will put your name on the credits/rights, that is, if you want the recognition. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

(Pooba) #4

I’ll design a level for you, could i get the kirby stats and everything?


(SeaCigar) #5

Of course :slight_smile: The file should be in your Email soon.

(Ecks) #6

For the moment I am working on an animation : you can see the progress here: http://xwarriorblender.tripod.com in my current project section.
After I finish it (In aprrox. 3-4 day I will begin my level for your kirby game. Send me an email with specification on what type of level. Your first level will be in a forest so the second will be where…
I like your little kirby model very simple but cool. :wink:

(Pooba) #7

I’ve begun making the level, i should be finished with it in about a week.


(SeaCigar) #8

Well, as far as the kind level it is, that is your descision. I’m not showing off or anything by saying this, but I am very capable of making my own levels. This request was for folks who wanted to try out their skills in a real-time environment. That means that you can send kirby anywhere you want, by making a level to suit him, or you can simply tell me what you’d like to see, and I would do it myself :smiley: . Heck, if you want to throw kirby into one of those mechwarrior bases and have him fight off giant machinery, be my guest! I want so see the creativity of the artists in the blender community in my game; the programming is my problem, unless, of course, you prefer to do it yourself;) . I realise that the majority of the blender community uses blender for its modeling and animation qualities, rather than for gameplay. That is why I decided to post the request in this particular section.